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Lease certificates are marketable securities issued with the aim of financing the assets purchased or leased by the Asset Leasing Corporation or the Undersecretariat of the Treasury for the benefit and on behalf of the owners of the certificates. These certificates yield dividends based on the revenues obtained from these assets to the bearers equal to their shares.

You can easily perform Lease Certificate purchase and sale transactions at our branches and Online Branch through the investment account you can open at Kuveyt Türk.

Investment in Lease Certificate

  • Mid/Long-Term Fixed Revenue Investment Potential: The lease certificate provides a fixed yield guarantee to its holder both in the mid and long terms. If you want to earn safe rent revenue, you can invest in Lease Certificates.
  • Coupon Payment: Lease Certificates give the right of collecting the periodic fixed rental earnings originating from the leased assets to their owners.
  • Based on Assets: The basis of all exported certificates should consist of a real commercial relation and a visible material fact.
  • Liquidity Potential: As it is listed at the Istanbul Stock Exchange, liquidity is possible through second-hand market transactions. Investors can wholly or partially cash the lease certificates before their due dates in view of their needs if they so wish.

You can carry out Lease Certificate Transactions through the Online Branch from 09:00-17:00.

Taxation of the Lease Certificates for the Investor

The revenues of limited and fully responsible real persons, as well as legal persons such as foundations and associations from the purchase and sales of Lease Certificate is subject to 10% Income Tax withholding. The withholding of 10% is the final tax for the real person investors and is not included in the annual income tax return.

Revenues arising from Lease Certificate purchase and sales and rental payments are subject to 0% income tax withholding for incorporated, limited and limited partnership companies, investment funds and investment partnerships subject to Capital Market Board (CMB), foreign funds and partnerships similar to these and those which are determined to be similar by the Ministry of Finance.

Those outside these are subject to 10% withholding and the paid withholding is deducted from the calculated corporate tax. The institutions subject to Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) must pay 1% over the Lease Certificate purchase and sale revenues and 5% over the rent payment as BITT.

These rates can be updated by the Ministry of Finance.

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