Sağlam Card


Sağlam Card is Kuveyt Türk’s new generation credit card.

Do you want to make your payments easier with installments? Shop easier by applying for Sağlam Card through Kuveyt Türk Mobile now!

About Sağlam Card

Sağlam Card is a Kuveyt Türk product that offers 5 interest-free installments for your health and education expenses. You can make your purchases first without paying any additional fees or commissions, and then you can choose the installment plan that suits you the best.

How to Get a Sağlam Card

All you need to do to get a Sağlam Card is to be a Kuveyt Türk customer. If you are not our customer yet, don't worry! Visit our Become a Kuveyt Türk Customer page and check out the steps to become a customer.

Apply through Kuveyt Türk Mobile and become a Sağlam Card holder in only a few minutes. You can also visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch to submit your application and receive your printed card instantly.

Details on Sağlam Card

Providing ease of payment while shopping, Sağlam Card offers the following features to Kuveyt Türk customers:

  • You can benefit from installments and Gold Points to save on your shopping.
  • You can use cash advance for your urgent cash needs.
  • For purchases up to 750 TRY, you can enjoy your contactless card and pay quickly without entering your PIN. For purchases of 750 TRY and above, you can make your purchases by entering a PIN.
  • You can pay your purchases of 100 TRY and above in 2 to 12 installments with your Sağlam Card.
  • You can pay all your expenses in installments with your Sağlam Card except for mobile phone purchases, fuel, grocery and food, jewelry store expenses, phone credit, tax, bills, and insurance payments.
  • You can enjoy 5 interest-free installments in the education and health sectors.
  • You can choose from two different Sağlam Card options, Platinum and Classic.
  • You can get cash advances up to 10% of your card limit and limited to a maximum of 500 TRY with the Classic Sağlam Card. With the Platinum Sağlam Card, you can make cash advances up to 10% of your card limit and limited to a maximum of 2,000 TRY.
  • If you have a minimum limit of 50,000 TRY, you can request a Platinum Sağlam Card to enjoy Platinum advantages.
  • You can use a Sağlam Card without paying an annual subscription or any other fee.

Advantages of Sağlam Card

  • Even if you do not have your card with you, you can pay easily and quickly with QR by using all your credit cards, debit cards, and current accounts through Kuveyt Türk Mobile for both physical and e-commerce purchases.
  • Access our Assistance support line by calling our Customer Support Center at 444 0 123 for a wide range of services such as housing assistance, road assistance, travel assistance, concierge services, and many other services whenever you need.
  • You can carry out your transactions with no card fee.
  • You can start using your card immediately, thanks to the instant printing system.

Sağlam Card Limits

You can set your total credit card limit across all banks so that it does not exceed 2 times your average monthly net income in the first year of your card ownership and 4 times your monthly income in the following years.

To increase your limit:

  • Log in to Kuveyt Türk Mobile and request a limit increase by following the steps by selecting My Cards->Card Details->Update Card Limit. If your request is approved after the evaluation by our bank, you can increase your limit.
  • You can also request a limit increase by calling Kuveyt Türk Customer Support Center at 444 0 123 and saying "Credit card limit change" through IVR or by applying to any Kuveyt Türk Branch with a document showing your current income status.

Types of Sağlam Card

There are two types of Sağlam Card:

  • Platinum
  • Classic

Sağlam Card Fee

You can apply for a Sağlam Card without any fee, and once you start using your card, you can carry out transactions free of charge.

Channels to Use for Sağlam Card

You can perform the following actions with your Sağlam Card through Kuveyt Türk Mobile:

  • View your card limit, your current period expenses, your statement, your installments for the upcoming periods, and your accumulated Gold Points.
  • View and pay your card debt.
  • Form a Virtual Card for your online purchases by setting limits according to your needs.
  • Change your statement date and the number of installments set.
  • Enable and disable online payments.
  • Set a new password for your card.
  • Link your other Kuveyt Türk accounts to your card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sağlam Card

How do I pay in installments with the Sağlam Card?

Use the following channels to set or change your installment plans:

  1. Kuveyt Türk Mobile
  2. Internet Branch
  3. Customer Support Center (444 0 123)
  4. SMS

You can change your installment plan by sending an SMS to 2848 from all operators by typing "Taksit", followed by a space and the last 4 digits of your card number, followed by another space and the number of installments requested.

For example: "Taksit 1234 6" >> 2848. Once you send such a message, you will receive a notification stating that the number of installments has changed.

Struggling to figure out the number of installments you pay with your Sağlam Card? Use the installment calculation tool to quickly check your payments.

What is the maximum number of installments I can get with my Sağlam Card?

  • Maximum 4 installments for electrical equipment and electronic goods
  • Up to 3 installments for airlines, travel agencies, transportation, and accommodation
  • Maximum 6 installments for computer hardware, software, and services
  • Maximum 9 installments for healthcare products, household electrical appliances, and furniture
  • Maximum 12 installments in other sectors that do not have installment restrictions.

What expenses cannot be paid in installments with the Sağlam Card?

You cannot pay in installments for telecommunications, direct marketing, international purchases, food, fuel, cosmetics, office supplies, purchases that do not contain tangible goods or services such as gift cards and gift vouchers, gold, silver, foreign currency, tax, insurance, bills, and subscriptions.

What are Gold Points? How are they used?

Gold Points are the points you can earn from the purchases you make with your Sağlam Card. When you have 10 TRY worth of Gold Points, you can convert your points into gram gold and store them in your gold current account. This way, you can either save your gold or take your gold as gram gold from our branches or ATMs that dispense gold.

Check out our Sağlam Card Kuveyt Türk Campaigns page to learn about the campaigns that offer gold points.

How do I find out my Sağlam Card limit?

You can see your Sağlam Card limit from the card holder to which your card is affixed when sent and from account statements sent to you every month.

You can also find out your limit through Kuveyt Türk Mobile, Internet Branch, 444 0 123 Kuveyt Türk Customer Support Center, and Kuveyt Türk branches.

Do I have to pay extra fees for cash advances?

You are required to pay a fee of 1% of the cash advance withdrawn with a maximum limit of 3 TRY for cash advance withdrawals in Türkiye. In Saudi Arabia, however, you do not need to pay a fee when withdrawing cash advances from ATMs.

Additionally, it is worth noting that you must pay the cash advance on the first statement, and you must not have any outstanding debts to be able to withdraw cash advances.

What is a Virtual Card? How do I get a Virtual Card?

A Virtual Card is a non-physical credit card that functions under the Sağlam Card. It can be used for online and mail-order purchases without the risk of being lost or stolen. As a Sağlam Card holder, you can have a maximum of 20 Virtual Cards.

Set your limit according to your needs through Kuveyt Türk Mobile or Internet Branch and start using your card. Thanks to the Virtual Card, you can shop safely and easily from all domestic and international websites and benefit from all the features of the Sağlam Card.

What is an Additional Card? How do I set my Additional Card limit?

An Additional Card is a card that you, as a Sağlam Card holder, can issue for your spouse and relatives over the age of 18. This way, you can ensure that your loved ones also benefit from the opportunities of the Sağlam Card. You can have your Sağlam Classic Additional Card printed and delivered instantly from our branches.

Since there is no separate limit for additional cards, the additional card you request will have a limit that you will determine based on the limit of your card. Shopping and cash advance transactions made with the additional card are included in your Sağlam Card limit.

How do I pay with a QR code?

Since QR codes are not automatically displayed on POS devices during transactions, the amount to be paid must be entered by the business. Once the amount is entered, the POS screen displays the warning "Press 0 to pay with QR code". When 0 is pressed, a QR code is generated. Please follow the steps below to scan the code:

  1. Kuveyt Türk Mobile
  2. QR Code Transactions
  3. Make a Payment

Complete your shopping by selecting the card or account from the screen that opens.

Apply for the Sağlam Card through Kuveyt Türk Mobile so that you do not have to wait for cash withdrawals and instant payments and enjoy being able to set installment plans after shopping.