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When was Kuveyt Türk established?

Kuveyt Türk was established in 1989 under the status of a Special Finance Institution to operate in accordance with the principles determined by the Decree of the Council of Ministers No. 831/7506 on 16.12.1983. The activities of the Special Finance Houses were carried out by the Decree of the Council of Ministers in the meantime and by the declarations of the Central Bank and the Undersecretariat of Treasury in the period until the passing of the Banking Law in 1999. As of December 1999, Kuveyt Türk became subject to Banking Law No. 4389 like other Special Finance Institutions. As of May 2006, its name was changed to Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank Inc.

What is Kuveyt Türk’s mission and vision?

Our Mission

To be a corporate socially responsible company that adds value to its shareholders, employees and all the people who make up Kuveyt Türk, while staying loyal to the same basic corporate principles (interest-free financial transactions and operations), ethical values and customer-oriented banking.

Our Vision

To provide appropriate and new financial solutions, know-how and experience as an international bank, to be among the top five banks in Türkiye for service quality by 2014 and one of the top 10 banks in terms of asset size by 2018.

What is Kuveyt Türk’s paid-up capital?

Kuveyt Türk’s paid-up capital is TRY 4,600,000,000.00 

What is Kuveyt Türk’s partnership structure?

Please click here for information about partnership structure.

Does each share in Kuveyt Türk represent equal voting rights?

Each share in Kuveyt Türk represents equal voting rights.

Who are the main subsidiaries Kuveyt Türk consolidates?

Kuveyt Türk’s main consolidated subsidiaries:

  • Architecht Information Systems and Marketing Inc
  • Katilim Retirement & Life insurance Company
  • Korfez Holiday Company
  • Korfez Real Estate Investment Company
  • Kt Bank AG
  • KT Kira Certificates Asset Lease Inc.
  • KT Portfolio Management Company
  • Kt Sukuk Asset Lease Inc.
  • Neova Insurance Inc.

How can I access the annual activity reports?

Please click here for information on the annual activity reports.

How can I reach the Kuveyt Türk articles of association?

Please click here for information about the Kuveyt Türk articles of association.

When is the Kuveyt Türk General Assembly held?

General Assembly Meetings are held in accordance with Article 409 of the Turkish Commercial Code within 3 months after each accounting period.

How can I reach the Kuveyt Türk Investor Relations Unit?

You can reach the Investor Relations Unit by calling 90 212 354 13 59 or emailing

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