Corporate Life Insurances

Corporate Life Insurances

Business owners or partners of the company both get death coverage and guarantee their credits with Corporate Life Insurances.

It provides death coverage to the business owner or company partners for the duration of the credit up to the amount of the credit. With Corporate Life Insurance, you can also secure your business credits.

The debt of a policy holder, who has lost his life in the insurance period, is paid by Katılım Emeklilik. Thus, the status of being indebted will cease to exist. In addition, after the debt of the policy holder to the bank is settled, the remaining insurance guarantee, if any, is paid to the beneficiary or legal heirs of the insured.

The amount of your insurance is the amount of debt in your repayment plan determined in the credit agreement. The amount of guarantee specified in the participation certificate is paid by Katılım Emeklilik to the relevant bank branch in the event of death. After the credit debt is settled, the remaining amount, if any, is paid to the beneficiaries of the policy holder.

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