Trade Plus Application

Trade Plus Application

This platform allows treasury customers to conduct online pricing and makes your life easy!

You can quickly perform your stock, mutual fund, and lease certificate transactions with TradePlus.

What is TradePlus?

TradePlus is a mobile app that allows you to make investment transactions in accordance with interest-free finance principles.

How to Use TradePlus

Using TradePlus is a very straightforward process:

  • If you are a customer, you can log in to the TradePlus app with your Kuveyt Türk Mobile or Internet Branch "Single Login" password you have predetermined for fast transactions.
  • If you are not a Kuveyt Türk customer, you can still download TradePlus to your smart device and sign up to access all features.

TradePlus Features

TradePlus boasts many advantageous features. Some of them are:

  • After logging in, you can use the application without wasting time with the re-entry process.
  • With TradePlus, you can view your entire portfolio on a single screen.
  • You can track the prices of all investment instruments and follow the news on TradePlus.
  • You can perform your mutual fund, stock, and lease certificate transactions directly through the application.
  • You can follow precious metal and foreign exchange rates and keep yourself updated through the information screen.
  • You can add your frequently traded investment instruments to your favorites and personalize product menus.
  • You can instantly monitor stock data through the application. Plus, you can access detailed data, analysis tools, and special news about the stock you have selected at any time.
  • You can use the application’s advanced graphic technology and technical analysis tools before making your investment decision.
  • In addition to visual and infographic content, you can follow the markets in depth with the help of news and economic calendars categorized according to your interests.
  • You can set alarms for price levels and financial developments that you follow.
  • You can manage the orders you create for investment instruments, the alarms you set, and the transactions you perform from the same tab.
  • You can get help from the Daily Bulletin in steering your investments.

Where Can I Download TradePlus?

You can download TradePlus through the App Store, Play Store, or Huawei App Gallery. With TradePlus, you can invest smart and fast!

Frequently Asked Questions about TradePlus

Which operating system versions is TradePlus compatible with?

TradePlus is compatible with versions iOS 13.0 and Android 6.0 or above.

Is there a fee for using TradePlus?

You can use TradePlus without any fee.

How can I filter the TradePlus stock screening screen?

You can filter stocks according to their financial ratios as well as sector, index, and market information.

What is the purpose of the Yield Forecast Tool?

This tool is used to calculate the estimated return on lease certificate investments.

Do you provide instant/in-depth BIST data?

With TradePlus, you can access BIST Mixed Level 1 data free of charge. This service is only available for domestic customers.