Export Finance

Export Finance

Kuveyt Türk comes to the rescue in financing exporter’s needs during commercial transactions!

Kuveyt Türk provides advantageous export financing products at every stage of your foreign trade transactions!

Export Finance Products

İGE-Guaranteed Export Financing

What Is İGE A.Ş.?

İGE A.Ş. is a guarantee organization established to provide the collateral you may need to access export financing.

Who Can Apply for İGE-Guaranteed Export Financing?

If KOSGEB’s definition of SME encompasses your business, you have difficulties accessing financing due to insufficient collateral and are engaged in foreign currency acquisitive activities as an exporter, you can apply for İGE-Guaranteed Export Financing.

Advantages of İGE-Guaranteed Export Financing

  • Your access to financing becomes effortless with the provided collateral,
  • It diversifies your collateral structure,
  • It is a supportive equity package in terms of growing your business.

Conditions of İGE-Guaranteed Export Financing

  • You can only benefit from this financing if you meet KOSGEB's SME definition,
  • The maximum financing limit is TRY 15.000.000 for the beneficiary and/or group companies,
  • The maximum financing term is 12 months,
  • The maximum guarantee rate provided by İGE is 80%,
  • Your surety application is evaluated and finalized by İGE.

Advance Export Financing

What is Advance Export Financing?

It is a financing for pre-loading export processes.

Advantages of Advance Export Financing

  • Bank Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) is not charged,
  • You can benefit from the financing with advantageous rates,
  • The financing facility is offered before loading.

Outright Export Financing

What is Outright Export Financing?

If your transaction is based on Cash Against Documents and/or Goods, you can benefit from this financing after the loading of goods.

Advantages of Outright Export Financing

  • Bank Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) is not charged for the use of financing,
  • You can meet your financing needs with advantageous rates,
  • It enables you to access financing after loading.

Forward Export Financing

What is Forward Export Financing?

If you are collecting with a Forward Letter of Credit and Payment Against Documents with Avalized Policy Acceptance Credit, you can choose forward export financing.

This type of financing allows you to make collections in advance without waiting for the end of the maturity date.

Types of Forward Export Financing

  • Term Export Letter of Credit Financing
  • Cash Against Document Financing with Avalized Policy Acceptance Credit

Advantages of Forward Export Financing

  • Your customers' limits are not required,
  • You can collect the cost of goods without waiting for maturity,
  • You can use the financing without paying a commission.

Export Committed Financing

What is Export Committed Financing?

It is a type of financing offered to manufacturers with exporter status and supply goods. If you fulfill any of these roles, you can apply for this pre-shipment financing.

Advantages of Export-Committed Financing

  • Export Committed Financing is exempt from Bank Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT),
  • You can benefit from advantageous rates.

Eximbank Pre-shipment Credit (TL, USD, EUR)

What is Eximbank Pre-shipment Credit?

It is a product provided to exporters, manufacturers, and free zone users by Eximbank through Kuveyt Türk to cover their financing needs in the preparation stage for export.

The application is made to Eximbank with the application documents requested by our bank.

Eximbank Pre-shipment Credit Transaction Limits

  • For financing in TRY, the product is only offered to SMEs with a maximum transaction-based disbursement limit of TRY 5,000,000.
  • For financing in USD and Euro, the maximum transaction-based limit for SMEs is USD/Euro 1,000,000. Commercial companies, on the other hand, can use a maximum of 2,500,000 USD/Euro on a transaction basis.

Eximbank Pre-shipment Credit Commission Rates

  • For financing in TRY, the commission fee is 1% per annum.
  • For financing in USD and Euro, the commission fee is five per thousand per annum.

Eximbank Pre-shipment Credit Advantages

  • Bank Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) is not charged during financing,
  • You can meet your financing needs with advantageous rates.

Eximbank Short-Term Export Credit Insurance Coverage

What is Eximbank Short-Term Export Credit Insurance Coverage?

As a result of our cooperation with Türk Eximbank, you can use financing in your export processes without being affected by commercial and political risks.

How is Eximbank Short-Term Export Credit Insurance Coverage Provided?

  • Export Committed Fund disbursement is made under the guarantee of the insurance policies you have taken out from Eximbank.
  • In order to use the product, you must make your application before shipment.
  • You can benefit from Eximbank’s Short-Term Export Credit Insurance product as long as you are an exporter.

Advantages of Eximbank Short-Term Export Credit Insurance Coverage

  • This product allows you to increase your trade volume in new marketplaces with Cash Against Documents, Cash Against Goods, Acceptance Credits, and Letters of Credit.
  • By choosing Eximbank Short-Term Export Credit Insurance, you can increase the diversity of your collateral structure.
  • You can gain a competitive advantage in international trade.
  • You can enjoy advantageous financing with favorable rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required for the pre-application for İGE-Secured Export Financing?

  • KOSGEB certificate from E-Government
  • A document stating that the enterprise has no SGK debt

How long is the commitment closing period for Export Commitment Financing and Eximbank SÖİK?

The commitment must be closed within two years from the date of financing.

What will happen if the commitment is not closed in Export Committed Financing and Eximbank SÖİK?

You will have to pay the exempted BITT amount and the penalty.

What are the required documents for the pre-application of Eximbank Short-Term Export Credit Insurance Coverage?

  • Eximbank Short-Term Export Credit Insurance General Policy
  • Buyer Limit Approval Form