Foreign Currency Transfer (SWIFT)

Foreign Currency Transfer

You can easily and seamlessly make foreign currency transfers (SWIFT) at home and abroad.

Foreign Exchange Transfer (SWIFT) is a money transfer system that allows you to transfer foreign currency to domestic and foreign banks. With Kuveyt Türk, enjoy fast Foreign Currency Transfer (SWIFT) to every bank account in the world.

How to Make a SWIFT Transaction?

In order to make a SWIFT transaction, you need the following:

  • Your SWIFT account
  • The account from which the transaction fee will be charged
  • The first letter of the bank where you will make the transfer and the country it is located
  • The first three letters of the city where the receiving bank or branch is located

You can also enter the bank's SWIFT code to make the transfer. This SWIFT code usually consists of 11 digits. If the code you have has missing digits, you can put the letter X in place of these missing digits. As long as you enter the correct information, the bank branches that match your criteria will be shown so you can choose among them.

If the bank you want to transfer foreign exchange to is not on the list, you can visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch for support.

SWIFT Features

  • SWIFT transactions made before 5 P.M. will be transferred within two business days.
  • SWIFT transactions made after 5 P.M. will be transferred to the receiving bank within three business days.

Through Which Channels Can I Make SWIFT Transactions?

You can carry out your SWIFT transactions via Kuveyt Türk Mobile and Internet Branch at any time.

Kuveyt Türk SWIFT system provides easy domestic and international foreign currency transfers without time limits!