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Winner of Kuveyt Türk Hackathon is SME ATM


Hackathon Digital Banking Software Project Competition organized by Kuveyt Türk has ended. The project on SME ATM of Muhammad Aziz Ulak and Hüseyin Yusuf, who competed on behalf of the TalCards group, were considered worthy for the first place of Hackathon, which was held in Istanbul between May 13-14 and was a first in the field of participation banking.
The results of Hackathon Digital Banking Software Project Competition, which Kuveyt Türk organized for the first time in order to support the development of the FinTech ecosystem and to provide the young entrepreneurs with the environment necessary for implementing their ideas, have been declared. In the event that was held in Kozyatağı Workinton on May 13-14 and was open to everyone desiring to present innovative ideas in the field of digital banking, the competitors consisting of 22 different groups presented the software projects they developed to the taste of jury consisting of 10 members. The winners of the competition were Muhammad Aziz Ulak and Hüseyin Yusuf, who competed on behalf of TalCards group with the project on SME ATM.
Hackathon's second prize was awarded to Sentinels, and the third prize was awarded to the Hisse Cepte group. The fourth, fifth and sixth names of the competition were İmece, Palm groups and Barış Yeniçeri, respectively. The winning project was awarded 20 thousand TL, the second project was awarded 15 thousand TL, the third project was awarded 10 thousand TL, and the fourth, fifth and sixth projects were awarded 3 thousand TL.
Speaking after the award ceremony of the competition that was realized with participation of especially computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, İrfan Yılmaz, EVP of Responsible for the Banking Service Group said the following:
“As Kuveyt Türk, we have desired for a long time to do business such as venture capital, and have wanted to offer services such as capital, training, support and mentoring to the new entrepreneurs for the development of the venture environment. In this sense, we organized Hackathon for the first time this year. We have the pleasure of mediating for the young people, who showed great interest in the competition and transformed their ideas into projects. We thank all those who applied to the competition and who paid great effort in Hackathon by passing the pre-selection. We aim to maintain Hackathon in the following years, which will shape the future of digital banking. On this wise, we inform the public that our efforts for establishment of Acceleration Center and Venture Capital Investment Fund that will contribute to realization of the idea have reached the final stage.”
You may access to the results of Kuveyt Türk Hackathon Software Project Competition and the detailed information about the projects through