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The winners of Kuveyt Türk's idea competition Ideathon announced


In the Ideathon idea competition organized by Kuveyt Türk, which stands out with its innovative products and services, with the theme of “banking of the future” for university students, Feyza Tartar won the first place with her project named Aktar, while Dilara Tuncel took the second place with her gamification-based mobile application idea. Karşıyakalılar 35.5 and Prompt teams shared the third place with their innovative ideas. As part of the competition, cash prizes of 15 thousand TL, 9 thousand TL and 6 thousand TL were presented to the top three, respectively.
The Ideathon idea competition, organized by Kuveyt Türk, Türkiye's leading participation finance institution, in cooperation with the career platform Toptalent, to support the development of university students and to create an environment for them to generate ideas for the banking of the future, has been completed. In the Kuveyt Türk Ideathon, which was held entirely online for the first time, the valuable ideas of university students were rewarded.
An inspiring conversation with M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu
As part of the competition, in which applications were received in May with the theme of "Future Banking", 11 finalists selected by the jury subcommittee among nearly 350 applications were given Design Thinking training by Kuveyt Türk. In the next stage, the finalists had the opportunity to develop and deepen their ideas together with Kuveyt Türk employee mentors. As part of the competition events, an interview was held with technology and informatics communicator M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu on "From Past to Tomorrow of Banking".
Innovative ideas of young people competed in the final
Contestants, who appeared before the jury on the final day, drew attention with their innovative ideas and energy.
In the final, where Colendi Founder and CEO Bülent Tekmen, Microsoft CFO Duygu Ateş and Ozan COO Özgür Bayraktar, as well as Strategy and Innovation Group Manager from Kuveyt Türk, Dr Selman Ortaköy, Semih Sel, HR Training and Quality Group Manager, Digital Banking Group Manager Dr Okan Acar, Information Technologies Group Manager Dr Hadi Rubacı and Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager Dr Selim Taştan took part as a jury, the top three winners were presented with cash prizes of 15 thousand TL, 9 thousand TL and 6 thousand TL, respectively. In addition, each of the contestants who made it to the finals won an Amazon gift voucher of 250 TL.
“We want to make the voices of innovative ideas heard and encourage young people”
Vice President HR Strategy and Digital Transformation of Kuveyt Türk, Aslan Demir said, “We act with the awareness that digital transformation sprouts from innovative ideas. We contribute to the development of the industry with the innovative and strong steps we take on the path of digital transformation. We want to hear and make the voices of young people with innovative ideas heard closely, as in our first Ideathon competition. We congratulate young people who compete with their ideas to add value to the banking of the future and who are ranked.”
Ranked ideas
At the Kuveyt Türk Ideathon themed “Future Banking”, Yıldız Technical University Industrial Engineering senior student Feyza Tartar won the first prize with her project named Aktar. The idea, which was developed by collecting the fractions of the shopping amounts and giving them as scholarships to students, was appreciated by the jury and the audience in terms of corporate social responsibility aspect, income model and customer experience.
Bilkent University Chemistry Department student Dilara Tuncel's mobile application idea based on gamification and reward won the second prize. The idea covers areas such as youth setting financial goals, providing youth-specific investment simulations, and socializing through a financial community.
Karsiyalılar 35.5 and Prompt teams, who participated in the competition as a team, shared the third place with equal points.
Karşıyakalılar 35.5 team came to the fore with the virtual assistant Kuvy and the idea of a customizable virtual card with special discounts for young people and The Prompt team, on the other hand, was awarded the degree with their ideas that will facilitate the entry and learning processes of young people into investment and encourage sustainable investment.