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Opportunity to apply to TUBITAK BIGG in cooperation with LONCA and ITU Cekirdek


LONCA Entrepreneurship Center, established by Kuveyt Türk to support innovative ideas and entrepreneurs, continues to receive applications as the implementing agency for the 1512 Individual Young Entrepreneurship (BIGG) Program, where TUBITAK provides non-refundable support to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs will be able to make their BiGG applications on and will have the opportunity to benefit from TUBITAK's grant support of up to 200 thousand liras. TUBITAK BIGG's first call period applications of 2021 will end on Monday, May 24.
Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Türk in 2017 to reveal and support technology-oriented innovative ideas, became the "implementing institution" at the end of 2020 for the 1512 Individual Young Entrepreneurship (BIGG) Program, in which TÜBİTAK provided non-refundable support to entrepreneurs by collaborating with ITU Çekirdek.
With TUBITAK's BIGG Program, grants up to 200 thousand liras are given to young entrepreneurs to transform their technology and innovation-oriented business ideas into enterprises with high added value and qualified employment potential and competitive on an international scale. TUBITAK BIGG program accepts applications in 6 main thematic areas. These areas are listed as smart transportation, smart production technologies, energy and clean technologies, communication and digital transformation, health and well-being, sustainable agriculture and nutrition.
Applications are made through the website of Lonca.
In the Lonca BIGG process, entrepreneurs may benefit from the network of both the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center and ITU Çekirdek, as well as benefit from other supports of Lonca in case they bring their projects to a certain stage. As the BIGG Implementing Agency, Kuveyt Türk receives the business ideas of entrepreneurs at Entrepreneurs will be able to apply to TÜBİTAK's first call period of 2021, through the website of Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, until Monday, May 24, 2021.
"We are waiting for those who say I have an idea but also need support"
Kuveyt Türk’s Strategy and Innovation Group Director and Lonca Board Member Dr Selman Ortaköy said, “We established the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center in 2017 in order to support and develop innovative ideas and bring them to the country's economy. Lonca Entrepreneurship Center has managed to become one of the most effective incubation centers and startup acceleration programs in Türkiye in a short time. We provide cash grant support of up to 40 thousand TL to each initiative for our entrepreneurs in our center to use both in product development and in emergency costs. As we are the implementing agency for TÜBİTAK's BIGG Program, we can now receive applications for this program through our own platforms. Thus, initiatives deemed appropriate will be able to benefit from grants of up to 200 thousand TL. We invite everyone who says "I have a product idea, I even try to develop a prototype, I do not have a partnership in a company. But I need 200 thousand TL support for my R&D studies", to apply to Lonca BIGG.
For ongoing applications until Monday, May 24, 2021: