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Kuveyt Turk’s New Commercial Spot


Kuveyt Türk calls for the golds sleeping at home to work and earn money

In the new commercial spot Kuveyt Türk encourages Turkish people to put the traditional gold keeping methods aside and evaluate them in the country’s economy. The bank has explained the importance of gold by redefining it in the spot. The commercial spot starting with recalling the significance and value of the gold in our traditions featuring scenes from birthgiving, marriage and ladies meeting days where the guests gift gold coin to hosting lady goes on with scenes featuring various gold-keeping methods.

“Working gold means earnings for the people and support for the economy”

The commercial spot pointing out that majority of Turkish people still continue using traditional methods of keeping their gold at home emphasizes that the working gold is more valuable than those sleeping at home. The commercial spot describes the working gold as the “earnings for the people and support for the economy”.

Calling on the people to support the gold reserve of Türkiye while making savings in gold, the commercial spot stands out the motto “Both you and Türkiye will earn”.

“Kuveyt Türk, the gold expert”

In the commercial spot, Kuveyt Türk positions itself as the “first bank coming to mind in terms of gold banking” and “gold expert”. The commercial spot features the footages reflecting the sincerity and cleverness of Turkish people accompanied by its original music.

Kuveyt Turk’s new commercial spot has been produced by Gram Istanbul advertising agency. Taking two days to be shot, the commercial spot has been directed by the film and spot director Emir Khalilzadeh.

In terms of gold accounts, Kuveyt Türk ranks the first among the participation banks and the second among all the banks.

Launched its gold savings campaigns in 2011, Kuveyt Türk has since collected 11 tons of gold. More than 80.000 customers have participated in the gold days held on a weekly basis at all branch offices. In terms of gold accounts, Kuveyt Türk leads the participation banking market with its market share of 55%. It enjoys the second rank among all the banks with its market share of 12%.