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Kuveyt Türk supports businesses with its customized commercial cards!


One of the leading participation banks in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk offers special opportunities to SMEs and commercial clients with its customized cards. Offering commercial cards tailored to the needs of everyone, from tradesmen to farmers, from business owners to dealers, Kuveyt Türk makes the businesses pleased with its flexible business plans.
Kuveyt Türk develops tailor-made innovative solutions for businesses considering the diversity of business practices and needs of tradesmen and SMEs operating in different sectors from production to retail. One of these solutions is company cards, which are specially offered to different sectors. Stating that they aim to help the enterprises draw their own financial roadmaps, Abdurrahman Delipoyraz, Executive Vice President in charge of SMEs at Kuveyt Türk said, “The tradesmen and SMEs we see as our business partners have different business structures and needs. We offer flexible solutions that meet the needs of tradesmen and SMEs with the commercial cards we have prepared considering that each has a unique cash cycle.”
Opportunity to postpone payments for up to six months:  Bussines Plus Card
Kuveyt Türk's Business Plus Card, which offers exclusive financial solutions to companies, allows for the business owners to finance their needs and postpone their payments up to six months according to their own cash flows.  The card, which can be immediately delivered from the branch thanks to instant card printer, offers the advantage of making the repayments in installments up to 18 months and enjoying discounts on cash price.  Business owners who can pay for their checks and tax obligations with 10 percent of their credit card limit not exceeding 10 thousand TL, can execute all the transactions quickly, easily and conveniently through automatic payment instruction.   
Cash discount even for shopping in installments: KOBİ (SME) Card
Expenditures made using KOBI Card, designed to allow for companies to finance their purchases of goods and services at any time without the need to go to the branch, can be paid in installments on all POS devices.  Above all, since all the transactions are seen at POS as a single payment, it also offers advantage of cash payment discount. The number of installments can be selected between 3-18 installments via Kuveyt Türk call center, internet and mobile branch before spending, and no card fee is charged for KOBİ Card which can be delivered right form the branch office thanks to instant card printer.  
Avoids unnecessary spending: Esnaf Card
The Esnaf Card (Trades Card), designed by Kuveyt Türk to finance the needs of tradesmen and craftsmen in a flexible and long-term manner, offers payments in installments from 6 to 24 months.  Just like SME Card, since the spending appears as a single payment, it offers benefits in shopping. Offering payment in installments for spending over 50 TL, Esnaf Card automatically divides into four installments all the food, grocery and fuel expenses. The card has a two-month usage period, including the month it was printed, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.  The process flows like this: A card printed in November, regardless of the day, can be used till the end of December. Account statement is issued in January and installment payments starts in February.
Flexible Maturity for Dealers:  Saglam Dealer Card
Sağlam Bayi Card, which is one of Kuveyt Türk's SME cards, offers significant benefits to both main dealers and sub-dealers. Since the sub-dealers are issued a card with a special limit and valid only for the main dealer, the main dealers make their collections instantly and the sub-dealers benefit from flexible maturity up to 18 months.  Saglam Dealer Card, which increases the purchasing power of dealers without any card fee, shortens the operational transactions as it eliminates the need for and cost of cash, checks, promissory notes and letters of guarantee.
For all spending from fuel to seedling: Tohum (Seed) Card
Kuveyt Türk's special commercial credit card for farmers, Tohum Card offers postponement of the payments of diesel, fertilizer, pesticides, agricultural equipment, seeds and seedlings needed for agricultural activities until the harvest period.  Tohum Card without card fee, offers a maturity benefit up to one year grace period in all transactions carried out without the requirement to be a member merchant. In terms of expenditures made in contracted member retailers, no maturity difference is charged.  Due to the flexible maturity structure of the card, the dates of the statements are determined to be between 2-12 months and payment is possible in different periods.  Besides, the farmers may purchase TARSIM insurance (Turkish Agricultural Insurance System) from any branches of Kuveyt Turk and enjoy the payment postponement up to one year as offered by Tohum Card.
Opportunity for tourism businesses to pay at the end of tourism season:  Turizm Card
Tourism Card, which allows tourism companies to pay for their expenses and adjusts their payments according to the season period, offers special solutions to them. The card, which can be instantly delivered from the branch thanks to instant card printer, offers the advantage of making the repayments in installments up to 18 months with a grace period up to 6 months.  
Assistance and concierge services for all company cards
In addition to offering tailor-made solutions offered by Kuveyt Türk corporate cards, assistance and concierge services are also provided. Holders of any of the cards can enjoy a large range of services when needed, such as housing assistance, road assistance, travel assistance and concierge services.