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Kuveyt Türk Brings Together Art-Lovers With the Most Beautiful Works of Calligraphy


Taking an important role in conveying our traditional arts into the future, Kuveyt Türk hosts Yol/Vuslat, the third personal exhibition of Calligrapher Mahmut Şahin who left behind 25 years in the calligraphy. The exhibition will take place between July 10 – 28 at the Art Gallery of Kuveyt Türk at Esentepe.
Kuveyt Türk does not work hard only for the development of the participation banking but it also pays special attention to the protection and conveyance into the future of our cultural heritage. Highly appreciating the arts and artisans, Kuveyt Türk is now hosting the Yol/Vuslat exhibition of Calligrapher Mahmut Şahin between July 10-28. The exhibition where the art-lovers may enjoy the discoveries of the Archer and Calligrapher Hattat Mahmut Şahin as part of his 25-year artworks  will take place at the Art Gallery of Kuveyt Türk at Esentepe.
The art journey of Hattat Mahmut Şahin through the beauties of sulus, nesih, nestalik and şikeste styles of calligraphy continues without interruption with the keyword ‘fisebilillah’. Using the “fîsebilillah’ style for tombstone and fountain epitaphs, the artist has artworks on the walls of a large number of religious buildings including Iznik Ayasofya Mosque, Fatih Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Skopje Murad Pasha Mosqua, Kosovo Murad-i Hüdavendigar Tomb.  On the other hand, producing tens of scripts a month using sulus., nesih, talik, şikeste styles, Mr. Şahin makes scripts for mosques, masjids, convents and lodges and organizes ‘fîsebîlillah’ charity exhibitions with his aronud 400 students for the NGOs asking for such exhibitions.
Making explanations about the exhibition, Kuveyt Türk’s General Manager Ufuk Uyan said: “We continue to serve a meeting point for the masters of modern and tradiditional arts with the lovers of arts at our exhibition hall at the General Management Building. You can enjoy all the ingenuity of 25-year work by Calligrapher Mahmut Şahin at its third individual exhibition named Yol/Vuslat. The exhibition hosts 33 artworks of the artist in sülüs, celi sülüs, nesih, talik, celi talik and şikeste talik styles. We fullheartedly thank to our Master Mahmut Şahin and invite all the lovers of art to discover and share the fineness Yol/Vuslat.