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In the seventh period of the Lonca, 14 ventures entered the incubation stage


The pre-incubation stage of the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Türk to support technology-oriented and scalable business ideas, was completed in the seventh term. The 14 ventures that went into the incubation stage were introduced at the Lonca GoDay event.
In the seventh term of the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Türk in 2017 with the aim of revealing and supporting innovative ideas, the second stage was started. 14 of the 19 ventures selected for the 'pre-incubation' stage of the Lonca were entitled to move to the 'incubation' stage after one and a half months of training. Among the ventures that have entered the incubation stage are those that focus on current areas such as e-commerce, SaaS and sustainability.
Entrepreneurs go through three stages
In the Lonca's new system, which was implemented with the seventh term, ventures go through three stages: pre-incubation, incubation and Lonca scale-up. During the pre-incubation stage of the seventh period, 19 ventures selected by the jury received five-week training on topics such as project management, strategy and business development, user experience and marketing, while the development of entrepreneurs and projects was observed in this process. Entrepreneurs who will enter the incubation stage were determined by the jury, which took into account many criteria. 14 ventures that were entitled to pass from the pre-incubation stage to the incubation stage explained their ideas and projects to the participants at the GoDay event held online. Ventures will continue their Lonca adventure with comprehensive trainings that will take approximately 4 months to the incubation stage. In this period, besides the trainings, entrepreneurs will be offered opportunities such as mentoring, marketing support, cloud and private API support. Ventures that successfully complete the incubation stage will have the opportunity to participate in the Lonca DemoDay event. In the last stage of the program, the Lonca scale-up, special supports will be given to ventures focused on growth, sales, incorporation, law and investment, and pre-seed investments will also be made.
“We continue to increase our support with our new system”
The Assistant General Manager of Banking Services Group and the Chairman of the Lonca Management Committee İrfan Yılmaz, said “We are happy to have reached the seventh term of the Lonca by advancing with the vision of adding value to our entrepreneurs and our country. In the past six years, we have graduated 60 ventures from the Lonca. We continue to increase our support for our ventures with our renewed system, increased grant support and investment opportunities. We congratulate our 14 ventures that have passed the incubation stage. We will follow their progress closely. In the next period, we will continue to support our entrepreneurs who aim to develop innovative ideas and contribute to the country's economy with new products.”
Grant support up to 50 thousand TL, investment opportunity up to 25 thousand dollars
In the new period, the Lonca increased the financial grant support to 50 thousand TL, and 10 thousand TL grant support is given to the enterprises that are successful in the pre-incubation stage, 15 thousand TL in addition to those accepted to the incubation stage, and an additional 25 thousand TL grant support to the enterprises that qualify for DemoDay. In addition to all these, Kuveyt Türk offers a pre-seed investment opportunity of up to 25 thousand dollars to ventures that have reached the Lonca scale-up stage.
The 14 ventures and their fields of activity that entered the incubation stage in the seventh term of the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center are as follows:
Anneler Satıyor: It is a social marketplace platform powered by artificial intelligence where mothers can meet all their daily needs.
Biriktir: It is a project that reduces costs and carbon footprint by providing company-local government-citizen cooperation while gaining rewards as it recycles all over the world.
BRB: It is a computer sharing platform where players can instantly play any game over the internet from any smart screen, avoiding hardware costs and update times, and powerful gaming PC owners can earn income by renting their computers when they are not using them.
Cyou Live: It is a global distance learning application that works like a social network, focused on popular workforce skills and job acquisition for adults from all over the world.
Devamapp: It is a mobility marketplace application that brings together electric scooters, hourly car rental platforms, rentable electric small class vehicles and public transportation mobility solutions.
Geliver: It is a cloud-based logistics application where businesses can reach the most suitable cargo alternatives with dynamic pricing, integrate with all cargo and logistics companies with a single API, and manage the entire transportation process from end to end.
Güçlü İyilik: It is a mobile application that enables young people to reach social responsibility projects that are most suitable for their interests and closest to them, through gamification, and that enables institutions to gain customer loyalty and measure their projects.
Postuby: It is a platform that eliminates the worry of "what should I share on social media?" and offers its subscribers ready-to-share content with the support of artificial intelligence.
ResultLab: It produces artificial intelligence solutions for misdiagnosis and treatment planning by making instant analysis with the integration of panoramic x-ray devices that can create a training module with diagnosis, treatment planning and reporting in dentistry, and meet the radiologist needs of institutions providing dental health services.
Sadetoptan: It is a platform that allows wholesalers to take orders from their customers very quickly and simply, and at the same time, they can both follow their current flows and easily organize their supply lists, and list their deliveries from a single place with delivery lists.
Swatchloop: It is a sustainable digital ecosystem specific to the textile industry, where brands and manufacturers carry out B2B activities and where all stakeholders in the industry can carry out open innovation, recycling-circular economy activities (private sector, test-certification and R&D centers, public, etc.).
uStory: uStory is a mobile application platform for everyone, where interactive literary works are published in every field and brings writers and readers together.
Virtual Try: It produces a SaaS technology that enables the customers to see the products of clothing brands by trying on with augmented reality technology during online shopping and to reach the most suitable size information for them. 
Yancep: It is a savings and investment platform where individuals can invest in portfolios modeled according to their goals and risk preferences with small amounts.