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In Kuveyt Turk's New Commercial, 'Golden Dreams' Become Real


The new commercial of Kuveyt Turk which has Türkiye's widest product range in gold banking invites everyone to make their gold dreams real. Gram Istanbul's commercial draws attention how gold that pinned onto baby in the cradle, collected in the gold day, bought with the budget of home makes dreams real if they kept in a safe place.
Kuveyt Turk which keeps secure the gold under the pillow which is the most durable investment for the future and bring it into economy invites everyone to make their 'Golden Dreams' real while raising awareness about the subject in its new commercial.
In the commercial; women who we see as mother, spouse and housewife, sections of golden dreams that they dreamed for their familiy's future are presented. The gold pinned onto the baby in the cradle offers him a bright future, while those collected on the golden day open the doors of a beautiful house. The commercial that comes to fore with 'My Golds Are On My Hand' slogan, it is highlighted that the gold which is one of the most durable investment for the future is kept under the security of the expert of subject Kuveyt Turk.
Kuveyt Turk’s 'Golden Dreams' themed commercial is designed by Gram Istanbul. The commercial was directed by Irfan Yıldırım and the production was carried out by ATL Film.
Click here to watch the commercial:
Advertiser: Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank
Advertiser Official: Emre Memiş, Semih Karakaya, Şahin Fırat Keçili
Advertising Agency: Gram İstanbul
Head of Agency: Nurcan Yıldız
Creative Director: Tarık Akın
Creative Team: Tolga Akın, Çağatay Dağdelen, Mehmet Can Sevgiç
Customer Relationships: Simla Pamuk, Selen Beşikçi
Production Company: ATL Film
Director: İrfan Yıldırım
Music Production: Onur Cumaoğlu