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Golden Award to Kuveyt Türk's ‘End-to-End for Customer Experience Model’


Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk’s ‘End-to-End Customer Experience Model’ was awarded in the PSM AWARDS in the ’Team of the Year’ category in 2022. The technology company Architecht, which is a 100 percent subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, was awarded the gold award in the ‘Digital Banking Platform' and ’Technology Provider of the Year’ categories.
Kuveyt Türk, Turkey's leading participation financial institution, continues to provide experience-oriented participation financial services to its customers with the products and services it develops. Kuveyt Türk’s Customer Experience Team was awarded the golden 'Team of the Year’ award at PSM AWARDS 2022, one of the prestigious award programs in the field of finance and technology in Turkey, organized by PSM (Payment Systems Magazine) magazine. At the award ceremony held in Istanbul, Kuveyt Türk's award was presented to the Strategy and Innovation Group Manager Dr. Selman Ortaköy. Along with the physical awards, an award was created on the blockchain for the first time in PSM AWARDS and Kuvey Turk was awarded with a special "non-transferable" PSM AWARDS NFT.
All employees are included in the process with the Experience Academy
The 'End-to-End Customer Experience Model', which was launched by Kuveyt Türk in 2021, is prominent because it includes text and data analysis and reveals the scores at all contact points in detail. In the End-to-End Customer Experience Model, interviews and workshops are held with employees and customers. The feedback received in these interviews is examined in all channels and necessary actions are taken. In the model where design-oriented thinking method, customer feedback and data play a critical role, the focus is on the differences between customers' expectations and realization rates and error rates are also determined. Then, experience scores are created by measuring the realization, success and error rates of customer expectations. Thus, it is aimed to improve the customer experience and fully meet the expectations. In addition, more than 100 employees who are trained with the Experience Academy studies conducted with Kuveyt Türk Academy for in-house experience competence continue their experience studies in their own business units and play a supporting role in the spread of the experience culture within the institution.
Architecht selected as‘ Technology Provider of the Year’
The technology company Architecht, which is a 100-percent subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, was entitled to receive a gold award in the ‘Technology Provider of the Year’ category with its' Digital Banking Platform'. The award was presented to Architecht General Manager Ökkeş Emin Balçiçek. Architecht’s Digital Banking Platform facilitates digital banks to start operating in accordance with the current legislation by ensuring that customer acquisition through digital channels and financial transactions required by customers are carried out quickly with established processes and advanced user experience accumulation. Architecht’s Digital Banking Platform, which stands out with its modules such as main banking, loans, treasury, financial control, accounting, digital channels, corporate integrations, receivables management, offers the opportunity to expand digital banking services flexibly with its modular structure, while the service model includes modules that will allow API sharing for banking (BaaS) service.