Digital’s heart to go out for FinTech at Hackathon

To be held for the second time by Kuveyt Türk, this year’s Hackathon will be focused on ‘Financial Technologies’.


The participants will put into practice by encoding their software ideas in the area of FinTech especially including alternative payment solutions and mobile applications with social media experience. The winner at Hackathon will be awarded 20 thousand lira.

Hackathon, the encoding competition, held by Kuveyt Türk, where the participants are encouraged to develop new projects using the APIs of Kuveyt Türk, will be held this year between May 11-13, 2018 with the theme ‘Financial Technologies’. Open to anyone who is willing to submit different ideas about FinTech including computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, Hackathon will reward winning competitors with a total prize of 55 thousand TL. The winning project will be entitled to receive the award of 20 thousand TL, the second 15 thousand TL, the third 10 thousand TL, and the fourth and fifth 5 thousand TL.

Those willing to contest at Hackathon may serve their applications at Be it a team or individual, there must be at least one software developer in the team in order to put into practice the new ideas using Kuveyt Türk’s API’s at Hackathon. Eligibility criteria include that the project is generated for the first time at Hackathon event of Kuveyt Türk and that it has not been submitted at any other event organized by other institutions before. Travel expenses for the competitors willing to join Hackathon from outside Istanbul shall be borne by Kuveyt Turk in an amount up to 200 TL per person. In order to benefit this offer, participants must first register for the event, admitted to Hackathon and then send an email to asking for reimbursement of their travel expenses.