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A first from Kuveyt Türk: Onsite Financing


Standing out with innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk developed the “Onsite Financing” service to meet its customers' financing needs easily and quickly. Customers may apply for financing online by scanning the QR code through the Kuveyt Türk Mobile app for the purchases they want to make from contracted workplaces and e-commerce sites. Customers whose applications are approved instantly may make their purchases in 36 installments. Onsite Financing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Those who are not Kuveyt Türk customers may also become customers in a few minutes by Kuveyt Türk Mobile via remote video calls and complete their Onsite Financing transactions quickly.
The leading and innovative participation bank of Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk launched the “Onsite Financing” service, which meets its customers' financing needs for shopping easily and quickly. In the new era, customers may purchase their products in installments using the Onsite Financing service while making payments at the contracted stores and e-commerce sites where they want to shop.
Customers who want to use the Onsite Financing service simply have to scan the QR code on the payment screen from Kuveyt Türk Mobile > QR Code Transaction > Make Payment and apply for financing. Customers whose financing applications are approved can purchase the products they choose with the number of installments they specify in the application. Customers can access information about the financing they use from the "My Finances" menu in Kuveyt Türk Mobile.
Offers many advantages
Kuveyt Türk's Onsite Financing service has many advantages for customers. Thanks to the Onsite Financing service, customers can pay their purchases in contracted stores and e-commerce sites in installments up to 36 months, considering the legal installment limits. Moreover, customers can use 24/7 financing for the products they want to buy. Those who are not Kuveyt Türk customers may also become customers in a few minutes by Kuveyt Türk Mobile via remote video calls and complete their Onsite Financing transactions quickly. Customers who want to benefit from Onsite Financing service may access contracted workplaces and e-commerce sites via the Kuveyt Türk website.
“We are increasing the number of contracted workplaces and e-commerce sites”
In the statement about the new financing service they have implemented, Kuveyt Türk’s Vice President in charge of Retail Banking, Mehmet Oral said, “Consumers may need instant financing when shopping. Consumers, who want to reach the financing they need in the most reliable and fastest way from anywhere, demand solutions that they can do without distance, easily and smartly while doing all these. As Kuveyt Türk, we have implemented our Onsite Financing service in order to meet these demands of our customers. Onsite Financing, which we offer to our customers through Kuveyt Türk Mobile, is based on murabaha (buy in cash, sell on credit), the interest-free finance methods. As part of this service, we aim to meet the needs of our customers in the most effective way by increasing the number of workplaces and e-commerce sites with which we have agreements. We continue our efforts to activate Onsite Financing services in different areas, especially in dealer sales, vehicle and housing finance.”