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A brand new career model from Kuveyt Türk that eliminates the job titles: Development Kitchen


Türkiye's leading participation financial institution, Kuveyt Turk introduces another novelty in the finance sector with its Development Kitchen, a new career model which eliminates job titles, enabling the employees to write their career descriptions themselves and gain experience in different areas and preparing them to the competencies of the future. Contributing to the professional and personal development of employees with certification and training programs, Kuveyt Türk has implemented the Dual Career Structure practices within the scope of the Development Kitchen, where employees can differentiate their career paths. 
Kuveyt Türk has introduced as part of the Development Kitchen, the applications including the Development Basket contributing to the professional and personal development of employees with certification and training programs, and the Dual Career Structure, where employees can differentiate their career paths.
Awarded for a third time in a row as the best employer in Türkiye and finance sector and ranked as the only finance house from Türkiye in the best employers list of Europe in 2020, Kuveyt Turk continues its efforts to upgrade the satisfaction and motivation of its employees. Kuveyt Türk, which has many awards at home and abroad and stands out in the sector with its human resources and training practices welcome by its employees saying "Fortunately...", added new ones to its practices developed with the "Employee First, People First" approach in 2021.  
End-to-end career plan
Stemming from the idea that employees need to improve themselves and shape their career journeys without getting stuck in the job title barrier, Kuveyt Türk has implemented the new career practice Development Kitchen project, which is a first in its field and in the sector. Kuveyt Türk allows its employees to plan their careers from end to end with the Dual Career Structure and Development Basket applications offered as part of Development Kitchen. While employees can differentiate their career paths with the Dual Career Structure, they also contribute to their professional and personal development with the certificates and training programs available in Development Basket.
A first in the industry
Kuveyt Türk marked a first in the finance sector with its Development Kitchen application, which is already preparing its employees for the business world and business manners of the future, offers its employees the opportunity to write their own career descriptions with the motto “You have the formula for your development”. The Development Kitchen, on the one hand, enables employees to deepen in their current jobs and get prepared for the future, while on the other hand, it provides employees with the opportunity to gain experience in different areas by bringing together in Development Basket and scoring the applications such as rotation between departments, temporary assignments based on experience, and on-the-job training.
"We unveil the potential of our employees"
Commenting on the motivating driving them to introduce the Development Kitchen application,  Aslan Demir, Executive Vice President in charge of Strategy, HR and Training at Kuveyt Türk, said, “We attach great importance to adapting to the changing world with new and original approaches and adding new ones to our capabilities. We reveal the potential of all our employees with the game-changing Development Kitchen application we have developed in this respect. With this special application, we are pleased to break new ground in the banking sector by removing job titles from our corporate culture. With the Development Kitchen, we not only eliminate the job titles, but also diversify the career journeys of our employees with our Dual Career Structure and Development Basket opportunities, which are a first in their field and sector. We will continue our efforts with the same dedication in the upcoming period in order to always improve the employee experience."
Continuous training and development with different opportunities
The Development Kitchen has differing applications that support the development of employees and shape their career journey. Employees who acquire new knowledge and experiences are now able to shape their careers themselves in line with their goals and needs. In this new period when there are no job titles, the Development Basket application included in the Development Kitchen offers special development programs that will contribute to the development and transformation of employees in accordance with the professions and expectations of the future.  In the Development Basket, which attracts attention with its different certificate and training programs, graduate and doctoral programs are also ranked. On the other hand, the Dual Career Structure, free from the pressure of title and promotion, allows for employees to draw different career routes by focusing on their own development journeys.