Correspondent Banking & Trade Finance Services

Correspondent Banking & Trade Finance Services

Advising of LCs & LGs


With our broad network of 365 branches across Türkiye we can help you reach beneficiaries of your import business.

Confirmation of LCs

Kuveyt Turk is ready to help you with our experienced trade operations staff, superior service quality and effective credit lines for our correspondents.

Letters of Guarantee

Flexible solutions to cover performance and financial risks that may arise from business transactions and from public and private sector tenders.

Cheque Collection Service

Providing effective, rapid and competitive results with our experienced trade operations staff.

Master Risk Participation (MRPA)

We offer our partner banks a risk participation scheme to facilitate the acceptance and mitigation of trade related risks under the Master Risk Participation Agreement (MRPA). Through our global experience and extensive network we provide our financial institution clients with a useful tool to leverage their risk taking abilities on both domestic and international trade finance transactions. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with us whenever a need arises. Your relationship managers in Kuveyt Turk will be more than happy to asisst you.