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Kuveyt Türk and Masfen Enerji cooperate for Solar Power Plant


Turkey's leading participation financial institution Kuveyt Türk and Masfen Enerji, one of the leading companies in the energy sector, signed a cooperation protocol that enables investors to easily access financing in solar power plant projects established to increase energy diversity, make energy supply sustainable and contribute to self-consumption.
Continuing to increase financing support in the field of renewable energy, Kuveyt Türk continues to sign cooperation protocols with leading companies in the energy sector. Kuveyt Türk announced that it is in cooperation with Masfen Enerji, which has a total of 102.4 MW of solar power plant (GES) project investment in Turkey and abroad, in the field of unlicensed solar power plant.
Kuveyt Türk Antalya Regional Director Abdullah Öztürk and Chairman of Board of Directors of Masfen Enerji Mehmet Songur signed the cooperation protocol at a ceremony held in Antalya. With the protocol signed to provide financing support to SPP projects, investors will be able to access financing more easily and contribute to the energy production of our country in the field of renewable energy. Customers who request financing for the installation of SPP within the scope of the cooperation will be directed to Kuveyt Türk by Masfen Enerji. Kuveyt Türk will provide financing support under appropriate conditions to companies that provide the necessary conditions for SPPs to be established in order to increase energy diversity, make energy supply sustainable and contribute to self-consumption.
“We are increasing our financing support in the field of renewable energy”
Kuveyt Türk Antalya Regional Manager Abdullah Öztürk in his statement about the cooperation stated “As Kuveyt Türk, we emphasize great importance to the use of renewable energy resources in order to meet the energy needs of future generations and to reduce the damage to the environment. For this reason, we contribute to companies that want to benefit from solar energy, an environmentally friendly and renewable resource, with appropriate financing solutions. We believe that our cooperation with Masfen Enerji, one of Turkey's leading companies in this regard, will respond to an important demand and contribute to both Antalya and our country in the field of renewable energy. However, we see that SPP projects have a great opportunity for our country, as Turkey is dependent on foreign energy. The  widespread use of green energy applications contributes to reducing the energy costs of our industrialists and business world on the one hand, and to reducing the current account deficit of our country on the other. I would like to thank Masfen Enerji for its work on renewable energy and the cooperation we have made, and wish for the continuation of its investments and successes in the sector. "
“SPPs are very valuable for clean, efficient and safe energy”
Masfen Enerji Chairman Mehmet Songur stated “While providing more efficient, clean and environmentally friendly energy production with SPP projects, we continue to make an important contribution to the foreign-dependent Turkish economy in energy. Investors whose SPP projects we have prepared will now be able to easily access appropriate financing and make a significant contribution to our country's economy with solar energy investments thanks to the cooperation protocol we signed with Kuveyt Türk. I would like to express my gratitude to the Kuveyt Türk family for the agreement we have signed for the spp projects that will come to the fore all over the world in the coming period."