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Kuveyt Türk mPOS (Mobile POS) is a POS solution that enables mobile devices to be converted into POS devices to receive payments. Customers who want to receive card payments can collect by using Kuveyt Türk Mobile Branch through the sales menus.

Kuveyt Türk mPOS Application

After applying for mPOS and Mobile Branch made from Kuveyt Türk Branches, card payments can be collected using Kuveyt Türk mPOS.

Kuveyt Turk mPOS Features

  • There is no POS dues fee for Kuveyt Türk mPOS service and installation is also free.
  • Kuveyt Türk mPOS service is available to our corporate customers.
  • The infrastructure of Virtual POS system is used in Kuveyt Türk mPOS.
  • 3D Secure and GO – Güvenli Öde (Secure Payment) infrastructures are working in the card payment transactions. Thus, payments can be made only securely.
  • Cards branded Troy, Mastercard and Visa of Banks and Electronic Payment Institutions in Turkey can be used.

Use of Kuveyt Türk mPOS

  • After login to the Corporate Mobile Branch, Kuveyt Türk mPOS menus are available.
  • Card and transaction information are entered on the Kuveyt Türk mPOS Sales Menu. Then the 3D Secure or GO – Güvenli Öde (Secure Payment) payment screen opens and OTP (One Time Password) entered onto the mobile phone. And so the payment process is completed.
  • Payment transactions made with Kuveyt Türk mPOS can be listed. In addition to void and refund transactions, end-of-day follow-up can also be done.
  • The transactions made with Kuveyt Türk mPOS also can be followed via virtual POS access link (