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What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure refers to the joint work between banks and their member merchants to improve card holders’ transaction security in credit card payments. 

How does 3D Secure system work?

The 3D Secure system first retrieves card information from the user during the payment transaction, and then directs the user to their bank’s 3D Secure payment page. On this page, the user enters the password in the SMS sent to them by their bank, the card is then verified, and the transaction is signed off by the user.

What 3D Secure model does our bank use?

There are many methods available to member merchants for using the 3D Secure system. Our bank’s virtual POS uses the 3D Model method. This method provides all of the benefits of a 3D Secure system. It also gives member merchants the opportunity to verify the card, recheck the transaction after card verification, and if applicable, to approve the provision.

What are the advantages of 3D Secure transaction for member merchants?

  • Without a 3D Secure system, customers may claim that their card information has been used outside of their knowledge, and request a charge back, that is a refund, from the virtual store. It is very difficult for a store owner to research and prove the validity of this situation if the store is not integrated with a 3D Secure system. 3D Secure not only protects the customer, but it also guards the store owner from false charges.
  • 3D Secure security system is a symbol of trust for people who do not feel comfortable and safe with online shopping. Websites with this system have observed a significant increase in customer numbers.
  • 3D Secure substantially reduces the risk of fraud. In refund situations, the responsibility is passed on from the store to the bank.

Why does our bank prefer to use 3D Secure?

In line with the increasing expense appeals (chargeback) our bank uses full 3D Secure system service will all its member merchants in order to improve transaction safety.