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Free POS is a virtual type of POS offered to e-commerce companies for free. This allows you to easily carry out all e-commerce company transactions via POS.

Collection System is a POS solution that collects periodically from credit cards and debit cards. You can set up payment/collection periods on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The system works with the mail order operation principle. The information received from the customer is entered into the system by the member merchant. Thus the collection process is performed.


  • It enables payments to be made with a card on the e-commerce system, in virtual stores and via the internet.
  • Free POS (Virtual POS)also supports installment system. You can pay installments with your Kuveyt Türk Sağlam Card once the installments are determined.
  • Your customers can pay with any Turkish and international credit cards.
  • You can perform all processes such as reporting, manual POS, sales and returns.
  • You can apply for Virtual POS (Free POS) through Kuveyt Türk branches.
  • It is a completely free product.

How does Free POS (Virtual POS) work?

When your customer decides to make a purchase through your e-commerce website, they enter their credit card information on the payment screen. This information is sent to the relevant bank and the amount is released. The amount of transactions provisioned are deducted from the credit card limit of the relevant customer and transferred to your bank account.

Free POS access link:

Documents You’ll Need to Apply for Free POS (Virtual POS)

  • Signatory circular
  • Commercial registry certificate
  • Tax certificate
  • Web address
  • Identity cards and email addresses of partners