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What is Health Insurance for Traveling Abroad? 

  • These are comprehensive insurance products that guarantee against disruptions that policyholders traveling abroad may encounter during the trip, as well as guarantees of treatment.
  • It provides protection to those traveling abroad by any means of transportation for business or vacation purposes against health and other risks that they may face during their travels in the conditions specified in the policy.
  • In order to benefit from the Health Insurance for Traveling Abroad, you just need to apply to the nearest Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank branch.
  • You can pay your participation premium payments in advance via all credit cards with Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank.
  • You can access the detailed information about the product on

What Does Health Insurance for Traveling Abroad Cover?

  • Medical treatment guarantee
  • Emergency medical evacuation and transport due to injury or serious illness
  • Funeral transport
  • Transfer costs after medical treatments
  • Extension of stay due to injury or illness
  • Accommodation of one of the family members because of the treatment due to injury and illness
  • Loss, damage and theft of luggage
  • Cash advance
  • Delayed luggage (12 hours and over)
  • Delay due to double booking
  • Delay due to missed transfer flight
  • Cancellation of the participant's tour (for mandatory reasons)
  • Visa refusal
  • Information and organization services 

What Guarantees Does the Health Insurance for Traveling Abroad Offer?

It includes the coverage specified in the policy to cover the emergency treatment fees you need in case of illness and/or accidents defined as an emergency by the World Health Organization. In addition, the additional guarantees specified in the policy provide assurance against different situations that may be encountered during the trip.

Who Can Get Health Insurance for Traveling Abroad?

In order to benefit from this insurance, the policy holder must be between the ages of 18-65 (inclusive) and be resident in Türkiye. Policy holders aged 66 to 74 (inclusive) can be included in the insurance with an additional premium of 50%, and those aged 75 to 85 (inclusive) with an additional premium of 150%. However, the medical expenses of people aged 66 and over are not covered by the insurance coverage, even if it is indicated on the front of the policy. Minor children can be insured only if the written permission of their parents is transmitted to the insurance company.