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Kuveyt Türk has been awarded as “Türkiye’s Best Islamic Financial Institution” as part of a study to select the best of the banking sector as conducted by Global Finance, one of the most important economy and finance periodicals of the world. Attending at the award ceremony held in Washington, Kuveyt Türk’s CEO Mr. Ufuk Uyan and Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Group CEO and Kuveyt Türk’s Director Mr. Mazin Saad Al-Nahedh have together received the prize.

Expressing their great pleasure that they have been deemed worthy of that award as a recognition of the presence of Kuveyt Türk in Türkiye for more than a quarter of century, its leading position in the sector and customer confidence, Mr. Uyan said, “For 27 years, we offer innovation banking services and conduct important studies in order to enhance such services for the benefit of our clients. In addition to best solutions offered to our clients, we continue bringing in innovative products and services to the market with the aim of maintaining the progress of the participation banking. We express our cordial gratitude to our employees who have not spare any efforts toward that success of our Bank which has the first ever R&D Center in Türkiye holding A1 certificate, manages the funds established as per participation finance principles in a special structure and introduces the participation banking to Europe”.

Kuveyt Türk's main partner, Kuwait Finance House, as a result of the same research the magazine Global Finance, received the awards “Best Islamic Financial Institution in GCC” and “Best Islamic Project Finance Provider”.

New York-based magazine, reaching more than 50 thousand readers in 180 countries, Global Finance selects the best banks of the world every year.