Virtual Card


Virtual Card is the type of card that you may use for online shopping and enables you to make shopping in a more secure environment. You set the limit of your card (within the limits of your original card) and do not pay any extra fee for this card.

Advantages of Virtual Card
  • Your virtual card has a card number and security code different from your original card. Thus, the information of your original card is secured.
  • You may zeroize the limit of your virtual card for your security and set its limit according to the amount of your shopping any time you like.
  • Virtual card is a supplementary card generated as connected to your Kuveyt Turk Credit Cards. The transactions that you make by your virtual card are listed in the statement of your main card.
  • It is free of charge.
How is it used?


You like a watch of 200 TL on an online shopping site. You are planning to buy only this product online. You are the holder of a credit card with a limit of 2000 TL. However, you are afraid of having the information of this card stolen in the internet environment. Well, what should you do?

The things that you should do are as follows;

  • You log on to the Kuveyt Turk Internet Branch and follow the virtual card application steps under the menu “Cards”. (Virtual Card Generation)
  • You set a limit of 200 TL after generating a virtual card.
  • Now, you can buy the watch that you like securely with your virtual card information.
  • The price is collected from your virtual card and the limit of your original card reduces to 1800 TL.
  • As soon as you make your shopping, the limit of your virtual card becomes 0 TL.
  • If you would like to make shopping in the future, you can increase the limit of your virtual card again and securely make shopping. (Limit Updating)
  • Moreover, if you give up buying a product, you can either make the limit that you have set for your virtual card 0 TL or cancel your virtual card. (Virtual Card Cancellation)

Internet Branch Virtual Card Generation:

Cards --> Virtual Card --> Virtual Card Application

Internet Branch Virtual Card Limit Updating:

Cards --> Virtual Card--> Limit Updating