There are new developments in the time limit set by banks for EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), a service rendered for transferring money from one bank to another bank. Previously, many bank customers missed the closing hour of EFT in the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and had problems because of that time limit. It was possible to make EFT only until 14.00 until quite recently but a short time ago many banks extended that time through Internet Banking for the purpose of offering better service to their customers. However, there is only one bank that gives the maximum time for EFT on the Internet to its customer, in other words, offers EFT service until 17.20: Kuveyt Turk. Thanks to this implementation of Kuveyt Turk, which saves time and returns profit for its customers, everybody who visits shall be able to effect EFT until 17.20, and what’s more, free of charge.