Secure Shopping System

Introduction – Secure Shopping System (3D Secure)

Secure Online Shopping by Your Kuveyt Turk Credit Cards (3D Secure)...

3D Secure functions in accordance with the standards developed by Visa (Verified by Visa) and Master Card (Secure Code) for the purpose of increasing security in online shopping. Due to the fact that the information flow among business place, bank and customer is realized by being protected with distinct passwords and keys thanks to this system, a secure e-shopping platform is created.

How can I become a member?

You may become a member by clicking on the below given link or during shopping.
I want to become a member

For becoming a member, you should first enter your Kuveyt Turk Credit Card number and then approve the agreement. Following these stages, you should enter your Kuveyt Turk Account Number, Credit Card Expiry Date and T.R. Identity Number (Tax Number for foreign customers) for identity verification.

Kuveyt Turk Credit Card No-->
Agreement Approval-->
Kuveyt Turk Account No-->
Credit Card Expiry Date
T.R. Identity Number

After you enter the above mentioned information accurately, you should manually generate a “3D Secure Password” for the relevant Kuveyt Turk Credit Card and thus complete registration.

How can I make shopping with Secure Shopping System?

On the websites where the 3D Secure system is mandatory, you are asked your 3D Secure password following the completion of the standard procedures for shopping (product selection, entering the information necessary for payment by card, etc.). Upon the verification of your password, your transaction is realized.

The page where you enter your password bears the logos of Kuveyt Turk, Verified by Visa and Secure Code. It shows that the transaction is carried out on a secure page.

What should I do if I forget my password / enter an incorrect password?

If you consecutively enter an incorrect password, your 3D Secure password is blocked and your shopping transaction is not realized.

In order to unblock your password, please call Kuveyt Turk Call Center (444 0 123).

If you forget your password, you may generate a new one by clicking on the below given link.

I forgot my 3D Secure password.

Can I change my password?

You may change your 3D Secure password that you have generated previously. You may perform your transaction by clicking on the below given link.

I want to change my 3D Secure (Secure Shopping System) information.