Participation Accounts

Participation Account is the type of account that is opened with minimum 30-day term and allows for the distribution of yield within the scope of the profit-loss partnership between the account holder and the bank. In Participation Accounts, funds collected are used in financing trade, industry and service sectors in line with the principles of interest-free banking.

Participation Accounts function on the basis of Profit-Loss Partnership. At maturity, depending on the type of account, profit shares are transferred to accounts and renewed with the same maturity option.

Thanks to flexible maturity options and a wide range of products in Kuveyt Turk Participation Accounts, your savings do not come to a standstill but operates. Thus, economy wins and you win.


A participation account can be opened in TL, USD and EURO with a term of 30 to 365 days.
Profit share is either added to your participation account and you gain profit from profit or transferred to your current account and you fulfill your needs.
It is possible to withdraw money from participation account before maturity within the limits that are determined depending on the type of account.
  At maturity, a switch may occur between account types. Your Classical Account may switch to a Silver Account at maturity in parallel with the increase in balance.
Types of account are determined according to the total of all participation accounts at our bank.

Types of Account
Classical Account 75% 25% TL 500
$/EUR 1,000
Silver Account 80% 20% TL 25,000
$/EUR 50,000
Golden Account 82.5% 17.5% TL 150,000
$/EUR 100,000
Platinum Account 85% 15% TL 375,000
$/EUR 250,000
Platinum + 90% 10% TL 1,250,000
$/EUR 1,000,000