Kobi Card

Kobi Card: The business card that enables corporate customers to flexibly finance their business need.


(*) Kobi Card can not be used for GSM units, tax payments, auto service, exchange transactions, cable TV payments, insurance payments, cash fines and expenses in auto showroom, liquor store, casino, jewellery store.

  • KOBİ Card provides card holder purchasing with installment irrespective of the type of merchant.
  • By using KOBİ Card, the deal is processed as cash payment in the POS. So that, KOBİ card-holder can benefit from cash price discount.
  • Number of installments is between 3 and 12.
  • The number of installments is assigned during the application.*All puchases is splitted into installment with interest payment.
  • KOBİ Card is free of charge.
  • Transactions’ prices must be higher than 300 TL.
  • KOBİ Card usage period is 3 months including the month of card delivery. KOBİ card expiration date is the last date of 3rd month. For example, the expiration date of the card which is issued in 15 October, is 31 December.
  • KOBİ Card can be used via internet.
  • KOBİ Card can be used both domestic and international transactions.
  • Credit card statement is not sent to card-holder. Debt position is informed via SMS and e-mail at the end of each month.
  • Card-holder must pay the debt within a month.
  • Food, fuel and invoice payments are splitted into 3 months installment period, regarless of the card’s orginal number of installment.

In order to apply for KOBİ Card, you can visit any Kuveyt Turk branch.