Gram Gold provides the savers who would like to invest in physical gold instead of a bank account or to put the gold in hand to good use at the bank with the opportunity of alternative investment.

Produced as 1, 1.5, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 grams with the guarantee of the Istanbul Gold Refinery, Kuveyt Turk gold is sold at all of our branches.

The gold in your hand may be converted into IGR certified gram gold through jewelers. By putting this gold to good use in your Gold-to-Gold Participation Account at our bank, you may both earn and contribute to the economy.


It is possible to easily effect 24 carat pure physical gold buying/selling transactions without need for an account or from a TL, USD or Gold Account.
The Kuveyt Turk gold that has been purchased and other gold that is certified by the Istanbul Gold Refinery are purchased back by all of our branches provided that the package is not deformed and can be changed in jewelers any time.
You can change our Gram Gold not only at our bank branches but also in jewelers because they bear the stamp of the Istanbul Gold Refinery.
A certain amount of commission is collected if Gram Gold is physically taken from Gold, TL, USD accounts or safe deposits.


It is possible to deposit Gram Gold into your account at our bank. You may deposit into or withdraw from a Gold Deposit and Gold-to-Gold Participation Account.
Compared to other physical gold investment products, labor cost is at the minimum level.
You can change it either at our bank or in jewelers.