Gold Transfer

As an innovation from Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank in gold banking, you may now affect gold remittance from your account. You may remit the gold in your account as gram or bullion and the remitteer may receive his/her gold remittance from our branches as gram or bullion in the same day. In this way, you may easily and smoothly deliver your gold to wherever you want free of charge without any security problem.


  • The greatest advantage is being free of charge.
  • Gold can be transferred without any risk and security problem.
  • There is no risk of being stolen or transporting.
  • Because no fee is charged for keeping at the bank, it is possible to buy extra gold when gold prices reduce and keep at the bank.
  • It provides the jewelers and manufacturers who transfer gold by the nature of their business (i.e. who would like to send raw bullion gold to the manufacturers in Anatolia from Istanbul) with convenience.

In order to get further information about Kuveyt Turk Gold Remittance, you may call 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123 or visit Kuveyt Turk branches.