Gold Support

With Gold Support transaction, you may have gold at half price.

In this way, your cash remains in your pocket and you may purchase two-fold gold at half price.

  • Gold Support transaction  is free of expense.
  • Gold Support transaction is realized with maximum 1-year maturity.
  • It is possible to make USD and TL based agreement.
  • It is realized as 1 kg and its multiples.
  • Expenses arising from delivery are covered by the customer (If received from branch, charge of delivery from the exchange, armored vehicle transportation cost is 50 TL per kilogram).

  • The greatest advantage is to deliver at specified maturity the same amount of gold that has been taken from the bank. The amount of gold taken is not higher than the amount of gold given. In other words, at maturity, it is necessary to deliver 1 kg gold if 1 kg gold has been taken and 10 kg gold if 10 kg gold has been taken.

  • The manufacturers, small-scale enterprises and jewelers that process gold can increase the amount of gold by putting half cash for their raw material, gold.

  • The fixed assets given as a pledge can be put to good use as gold.
  • You can have the opportunity to sell more by processing a higher amount of gold.

In order to get further information about Kuveyt Turk Gold Support, you may call 444 0 123 or visit Kuveyt Turk branches.