Gold-to-Gold Participation Account

An innovative product from our bank, which breaks new grounds in Gold Banking: Gold-to-Gold Participation Account.

Being opened in 10 grams of gold, Gold-to-Gold Participation Account provides the opportunity to save and make profit. Each gram of gold that is deposited into the account is put to good use in the real sector and the profit that is derived returns to you again as gold. It is the first type of account which provides interest-free yield for gold.


It is possible to open an account with minimum 10 grams of gold.
The profit that accrues at maturity is shared between the account holder and the institution by 85% - 15%.
It is possible to open an account with 3 months,6 months and 1 year maturity options.
It is possible to buy gold from the account in the middle of the term in such a way that the balance does not go below 10 grams of gold. In this case, you receive a profit share on the basis the the remaining balance.


It provides the opportunity to invest in gold and receive a profit share from it.
You perform secure buying/selling. You do not have the problems of transporting and keeping.
You do not pay any labor cost in gold buying/selling.
You can start to earn even with 10 grams without saving bullions of gold.
You may follow instantaneous buying/selling prices and transact on our Internet Branch.