Car Finance

Would you like to buy a new car? Or, have you found a second-hand car at more affordable price? The only thing that you need to do for being a car owner right now is to apply to Kuveyt Turk.
Kuveyt Turk buys the car that you like and, after adding profit to the purchase price, sells it to you by installments.
You may learn our profit rates and calculate your repayments.

For detailed information about our products and services, you may visit the nearest Kuveyt Turk branch or call Kuveyt Turk Call Center at 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123.

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I want to buy a car? What should I do?

First of all, you have to complete the personal credit application form that you may obtain from Kuveyt Turk branches and supply the required documents. If you have decided on the car that you shall buy, you may prepare a repayment schedule as you request. As a part of the principles of participation banks, prior to the sale of the car and the payment of advance money or earnest money, you have to deliver the documents which demonstrate the purchase request, model and price of the car (proforma invoice) to our bank. On the basis of these documents, our bank places an order with the relevant car dealer and purchases the car. You are given a power of attorney which states that you are authorized to purchase the car from the car dealer on behalf of Kuveyt Turk. Following the payment to the car dealer, our bank sells the car to you and you accept the car. After delivery, the car dealer submits the invoice to our bank and our bank sells the car to you.


Opportunity of maturity up to 48 months

Second-hand car finance up to 5-year-old

The most suitable payment schedule which you may determine

Rates of advance payment starting from 30%