Business Credit Cards


As Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank, we are at your service with our VISA or MasterCard licensed Business Credit Cards which provide special advantages to your company.

Do not miss the privileges, conveniences, guarantees and savings and supervision opportunities special for you that Kuveyt Turk Business Card offers to your company!

In order to benefit from Business Card opportunities, it is enough for your company representative to consult with our customer representatives.

  • It provides the opportunity to shop in thousands of domestic and local VISA and MasterCard contracted merchants.
  • You can allocate to your employees a limit from your original card limit at the rates that you shall determine. Thus, your employees can use credit card for travel, accommodation, representation and hospitality expenses.
  • With the supplementary cards that you have issued for your employees, you can easily monitor the place, amount, etc. of the expenses made by your employees.
  • You can check your expenses and payments of all the cards owned by your company from a single statement.
  • Business Credit Card enables you to easily make quantity purchases.
  • It reduces the risk of carrying cash.
  • It provides great convenience for both card holder and company accounting.
  • It enables to make discount shopping in contracted merchants.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to reclaim the VAT that you pay in 37 countries.

Kuveyt Turk Business Credit Cards, with MasterCard license, have been included in the MasterKOBİ package that shall offer a solution to the needs of SMEs and provide savings while fulfilling company costs. MasterCard-licensed Business Credit Card holders may follow up the up-to-date contracted merchants in which they can make discount shopping at


It is possible for our Visa-licensed Business Credit Card holders to reclaim the VAT that they pay in 37 countries with the agreement they shall make with . Furthermore, for each successfully finalized return, they shall have the chance of getting commissions in certain amounts. ( prepares all documents and performs all transactions necessary for return and enables the customer to monitor this process online.)