During the sale of goods or services, POS terminals debit the credit card account of a credit card holder, collect the amount of goods and services sold and enter the same as receivables to the seller’s account.

The sellers who use the POS terminal of a bank in return for a contract are called Contracted Merchants.

It is possible to make transactions with Visa, MasterCard and Europay bank cards and credit cards at the Kuveyt Turk POS terminals, which are widely-used across the country.

Advantages of being a Contracted Merchant:

  • As a Contracted Merchant who collects by credit card, you have an increase in your turnovers.
  • As our Contracted Merchant, you keep our accounting records more properly and track your cash flows more easily.
  • You minimize the risk of keeping too much cash in your business place.
  • You eliminate the risk of counterfeit money.
  • You make a positive contribution to the image of your company in the eyes of your customers.

Prospective Contracted Merchants who would like to work with Kuveyt Turk may visit our nearest branch or convey your request to us by calling 444 0 123.

For any technical support, you may call 0212 355 8787 for 24/7.