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Information on Changes in Kuveyt Türk Call Center Operations

Dear Customer,
In order to get uninterrupted banking services, we would like to inform you and provide some reminders.
Certain changes will take place in our services offered through our Call Center you reach by calling 444 0 123 or 0850 251 0 123:
  • You will be able to perform your transactions using your “Single Password” (i.e. the password used for Kuveyt Türk Mobile, internet branch and Call Center) or “Card Details” (card number and password).
  • If you are using Kuveyt Turk Mobile, it will now become mandatory to enter the Mobile Verification code sent to your mobile phone in addition to your single password or card password during your transactions.
  • If you are not using Kuveyt Turk Mobile, the verification code will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone number registered with our bank.
  • You can only report lost / stolen cards, suspicious transactions, and get general information about our products and practices in the calls made without using such data.
In order for your transactions to be completed faster and not to be interrupted;
  • You can create your single password from the Forgot Password / Instant Password steps on Kuveyt Turk Mobile or internet branch login page or by calling 444 0 123.
  • You can create your card password through Kuveyt Türk Mobile or calling 444 0 123. 
If you do not have a card, you can apply from Kuveyt Turk Mobile or by visiting the nearest Kuveyt Turk branch.