Sağlam Business Card


With Business Plus Card, you can instantly create an installment plan / or postpone the single-payment transactions that you have made.

Sağlam Business Card is a company-specific credit card that allows enterprises to finance their daily purchases and prepare instalments and / or terms so that they can create payment plans based on their cash flows. It allows enterprises to pay for their purchases in installments and/or over a certain term.

The Business Plus Card is valid in all domestic and international workplaces with MasterCard and Visa logos.

With Kuveyt Türk Business Plus Card, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Without the condition of becoming a member workplace, it allows you at the moment of transaction to pay for your single-payment transactions in instalments and / or with forward payment.
  • You can pay clearing checks with 10% of the card limit and up to a maximum of 10,000 TRY.
  • You can set up a direct debit for a utility bill.

Instalment and Non-payment Period

  • There are three different ways to set up instalments. Thus, enterprises can optimize their payment plans for cash flow.
  • You can pay for your single-payment transactions in instalments. Kuveyt Türk makes the payment in advance, while the card holder pays in instalments. Thus giving you the opportunity to get a discount on the cash price.
  • You can move your payments forward as a single payment.
  • You can determine instalments with non-payment periods. Thus, you can avoid payment in the first few months, and distribute the amount over the subsequent months.
  • No member workplace condition is applied for creating an instalment plan. You can create an instalment plan for all of your domestic and foreign transactions.
  • You can define the number of months without payment as up to 6 months, and the total number of months up to 18 months. However, the total number of instalments and non-payment periods should not exceed 12.
  • It is important that you determine on what terms your transaction will be paid, in instalments or terms, before you make the transaction. You must specify the desired number of non-payment periods and instalments by calling 444 0 123 Call Center or Online Branch before you make the expenditure.
  • The transactions made are always single payments, and the instalments are determined the moment the transaction is made; and the total cost is reported by SMS.
  • WithBusiness Plus Card, you can easily pay all your expenses in instalments, except for mobile top-up, taxes, bills, fuel, insurance payments and jewelery expenses.
  • The minimum amount you can pay in instalments with Business Plus Card is 300 TRY. Transactions under 300 TRY are processed as a single payment.

Cheque/ Tax Payments

You can pay for checks or taxes that have matured or were cashed in previous periods with up to 10% of the Business Plus Card limit and up to a maximum of 10,000 TRY. If you do not have enough funds in your current account, you can pay with Business Plus Card. However, Kuveyt Türk charges the inflation difference on these payments.