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Support for Humanitarian Aid Campaigns

Kuveyt Türk supports NGO projects and humanitarian aid campaigns, both as an institution and through its employees’ contributions. Supporting humanitarian campaigns on an international, national and local scale, Kuveyt Türk has so far reached out to victims in Africa, Somalia and Pakistan and also to survivors of disasters in Turkey’s Van and Soma.

Africa Is Not Alone Project

We support “Africa Is Not Alone”, a campaign aiming to fight drought and hunger across Somalia and Africa.  We meet victims’ needs by collecting donations with the support of our employees and customers.

Pakistan Flood Disaster Donation Campaign

The bank organized a donation campaign for Pakistan, which experienced a flood disaster in 2010. Nearly 100 families who were victims of the flood were hosted in the “Kuveyt Türk Brotherhood Village”, set up using donations and with the cooperation of Turkish Red Crescent. The victims’ urgent needs were met for a year. Consumer goods such as food, clothing, stationery, etc. were supplied by Kuveyt Türk and forwarded to those in need.

Van Earthquake Donation Campaign

Kuveyt Türk provided support through donations to the victims of the Van Earthquake, which killed 604 people, wounded 4152 people, and caused extensive damage to the region and surrounding areas on October, 23 2011. It removed commission on vehicle and housing financing for all customers registered in Van’s civil registry between certain dates in 2013.

Soma Mine Accident Donation Campaign

Kuveyt Türk also provided donations to support the families of victims in the Soma mine accident, which resulted in the death of many Turkish nationals in 2014. Kuveyt Türk’s support of 1 million TRY was delivered to those in need through AFAD. Having launched a charity campaign among its staff, Kuveyt Türk also transferred the donations to be collected under this campaign to Soma.

15 July Solidarity Campaign

Kuveyt Türk donated 1 million TRY to the 15 July Solidarity Campaign initiated by the prime ministry in order to be a permanent supporter of reason, unity and solidarity.

International Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance

In order to contribute to the expansion of the studies carried out in the field of interest-free banking, Kuveyt Türk also provided 6 million TRY to support the construction of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University’s (İZÜ) International Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance building.

“Support Hope” Project with the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV)

Kuveyt Türk has been supporting KAÇUV’s “Support Hope” project since 2013 in order to create awareness about cancer, the most deadly disease of our modern age, and become a beacon of hope for children undergoing cancer treatment. Within the scope of the project, which continues to be held every April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Week, Kuveyt Türk provides support for the “Family House” built for children with cancer by donating an amount equal to the number of transactions made with all of the bank’s cards between specified dates. The annual expenses of the Family House, which provides free accommodation and social facilities for children with cancer and their families who need support during the treatment, are covered every year with donations collected under the Support Hope Project. Within the scope of the project, the donations of the 2016 campaign amounted to 496,000 TRY, while a total of 1,216,000 TRY was collected over 4 years.