Young people will determine the name and design of the new credit card

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk called on young people to name and design the new credit card to be offered to university students.


Applications to the competition, which was started with the motto "From your hands", can be made through Fikrinn Platform until May 1, 2022. The jury will determine the top 20, and the youth will determine the top three with a vote. Focusing on sustainability, Kuveyt Türk will produce a new credit card for young people from recycled materials and put it into service.

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk called for young talents to put forward both name and design ideas for the new credit card to be offered to university students. In this context, university students will be able to apply for the competition through the Kuveyt Türk Fikrinn Platform until May 1, 2022.

All university students can apply to the card design competition announced with the motto "By You.." on the Fikrinn Platform, where Kuveyt Türk evaluates different ideas by making thematic calls at certain intervals. Participation in the competition is possible with designs prepared in different formats, including hand-drawn images. In the later stages of the competition, design and name selection will also be made with the votes of young people. In this way, young people will realize a first in the participation finance sector with Kuveyt Türk, and they will have designed their own credit cards in Turkey, including their name. 5.000 TL awards will be presented to each of the top 3 designs in the competition. Kuveyt Türk will offer its new credit card for young people to the service by producing from recycled material within the scope of sustainability practices.

“We rely on the innovative ideas and art of young people”

Indicating that they are looking forward to the names and design ideas of the credit cards they will use, Kuveyt Türk Deputy General Manager for Individual and Private Banking Mehmet Oral stated "While we continue our pioneering position in the sector with our innovative products and services that we have put forward with the steps we have taken on the path of technology and innovation, we bring new perspectives to the financial world with the platforms we have established. Fikrinn Platform, which we have recently established, also serves for this purpose. We particularly care about our young people, entrepreneurs and customers sharing their innovative ideas with us through Fikrinn Platform. We wanted to get the opinions of our young people by organizing a competition on the name and design of our new credit card that we will implement for young people in the near future. Our young people will be able to send us their names and design suggestions about our new credit card through Fikrinn Platform. As Kuveyt Türk, we would like our young people to determine the name and design of their own credit cards with this competition. We will present the names and designs we have received to the approval of our young people after our jury determines the first 20, and the first 3 will be determined in this way. Thus, our young people will determine the names and designs that are ranked in the first 20. We expect impressive and different designs and names from our young people with great enthusiasm.”

Applications for the competition can be made through Kuveyt Türk's Fikrinn Platform