Winner of Kuveyt Türk’s Hackathon with a prize money amounting to TL 110,000 is TIO

Held for the third time in order to contribute to the development of new projects in FinTech and banking, Kuveyt Türk’s Hackathon has ended.


25 teams of 71 people participated in the competition with their project ideas with the theme of “the banking of the future” at Kuveyt Türk’s Banking and Life Base. The winner of Hackathon with a prize money amounting to TL 110,000 is TIO team with their “Project Circle”.

Hackathon organized by Türkiye’s leading participation bank, Kuveyt Türk, was held at Kuveyt Türk’s Banking and Life Base with the theme of “the banking of the future” between 13 and 14 April, 2019. Held for contribution to the development of new projects in FinTech and banking, a record number of applications were made to the competition this year. The TIO team won Hackathon with their Project Circle, where 71 contestants of 25 projects selected among 333 applicants had been coding for two days using Kuveyt Türk APIs.

Team Liquid was the runner-up and Finch placed third in the competition where all the projects were produced for the first time during the event. The other three projects in the Hackathon in the top five were Bestvisor, VR VR Anadolu and Futurx.  The winner of Kuveyt Türk’s Hackathon, where software designers, graphic designers, interface designers and project managers competed with each other, the winner has won TL 40,000, the runner-up has won TL 30,000, the third team has won TL 20,000, and the fourth, fifth and sixth teams have won TL 10,000 each.

“The projects of the teams inspire us all”

Expressing his opinion on the competition, İrfan Yılmaz, the Assistant General Manager in charge of Information Technologies and Operations of Kuveyt Türk, said “We are very pleased to see that the interest in Hackathon is increasing every year, which we have organized in order to contribute to the development of FinTech ecosystem and to provide an environment for young entrepreneurs where they can put their ideas into practice. Our friends used Kuveyt Türk APIs for two days and realized many valuable projects. The teams presented their projects that inspire us all. I would like to thank all the participants and congratulate the top-ranking teams. As Kuveyt Türk, we will continue to support innovative ideas both through Hackathon and Lonca Entrepreneurship Center.

The top five teams of Hackathon and their projects:

1. TİO - Circle: Circle is an application that facilitates and encourages individual savings by using traditional “gold day” method. Thanks to this application which focuses on solving the problem of saving money especially by young professionals with social solidarity, the users may create a circle with their own social circles by targeting a common issue and/or amount they need to finance.

2. Team Liquid - Sociall: Sociall is a web portal where companies can evaluate and manage their satisfaction in social media. Posts on all social platforms are collected in a single environment and it is determined whether these posts are positive or negative through the machine learning model.

3. Finch - Grooms: Grooms is a mobile application that allows users to keep track of their expenses, operates as integrated with credit cards, and which understand the breakdowns of their spending thanks to the application’s receipt scanning feature. Grooms also serves as an intelligent assistant that provides the user with savings goals.

4. Bestvisor: Bestvisor is a personal campaign preparation engine that allows users to analyze their past expenses and determine the most appropriate campaign.

5. VR VR Anadolu - cARd : By using augmented reality technology, cARd is able to provide the most advantageous card by recognizing debit cards, presenting brief information and multiplying the parameters such as the credit card limit, the date of credit card statement and the bonus point by certain factors.

Jury’s Special Award / Futurx - Value Swapping Ecosystem: The Value Swapping Ecosystem is a project that enables customers to swap their assets on a 24/7 basis in accordance with the wishes and needs of the bank customers over a value and price they determine; thus creating a value swapping ecosystem that will be more profitable both for the customers and the bank by eliminating the risk assumed by the bank in trading foreign currencies/precious metals.