Unconditional promotion from Kuveyt Türk to Retirement Age Victims up to 8 thousand TRY!

Kuveyt Türk has updated the retirement package after the law related to Retirement Age Victims was approved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.


New retirees who transfer their retirement pay contracts to Kuveyt Türk until April 30, 2023 will be able to benefit from a promotional payment of up to 8 thousand TRY in accordance with the participation finance principles. Within the scope of the campaign, which includes all new retirees, including Retirement Age Victims, will be able to withdraw money from common ATMs twice a month.

Kuveyt Türk, Turkey's leading participation financial institution, has updated the promotional package for retirees and new retirees under the law after the legislative proposal on Retirement Age Victims was enacted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Kuveyt Türk has offered its customers a new pension transportation package including promotional payments up to 8 thousand TRY and advantageous services.

Retirees who qualify for retirement with the Retirement Age Victims law and want to receive the first SSI retirement pay (Emekli Sandığı, SGK, Bağ-Kur) through Kuveyt Türk will receive a promotion payment in accordance with the participation finance principles if they apply for a promotion application and pension carryover until April 30, 2023. In this context, a promotional payment of 4,800 TRY will be made to those receiving retirement pay up to 3,500 TRY, 5.600 TRY to those receiving retirement pay between 3,500 TRY to 7,200 TRY and 8.000 TRY to those receiving retirement pay amounting 10,000 TRY or more. Retirees who can easily reach their salaries from common ATMs with Kuveyt Türk ATMs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can also withdraw free money 2 times a month from common ATMs for 3,000 TRY per transaction. In addition, no fees are charged for money transfers (EFT, FAST and wire transfer) made through digital channels.

Private consultation line for retirees from Kuveyt Türk

With the Sağlam Card, which does not have an annual card fee, retirees can benefit from 5 installment advantages in health and education expenditures. While no fee is charged for money transfer (EFT, FAST and transfer) transactions made through digital channels, it is ensured that invoices are paid automatically and on time by easily giving invoice instructions without paying any commission fee from the salary account or from the Sağlam Card, which provides special privileges to the customer. Kuveyt Türk also provides “0262 723 49 19-Retirement Advisory Line” service to its retiree customers and offers the service of connecting directly to the customer representative.

It is sufficient for retirees who want to benefit from the privileges offered by Kuveyt Türk to carry their pension through the e-Devlet or through all Kuveyt Türk branches.