Three awards, two of which are gold, from IDC Türkiye to Kuveyt Türk!

Standing out with innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk was deemed worthy of three awards as part of IDC Türkiye Finance Technology Awards.


Kuveyt Türk was presented with a gold award for the XTM concept, which serves the hearing impaired in sign language, and a silver award for the Digital Explorer product developed for children. Architecht, a 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, was awarded the gold award with Airplatform solution.

The leading and innovative participation bank of Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk was deemed worthy of three different awards at the IDC Türkiye Finance Technology Awards with its innovative products and services. At the award ceremony held as part of the IDC Finance Summit 2021, Kuveyt Türk won the gold award for the XTM concept, which brings together branch services and ATM practicality, and offers services for the hearing impaired with sign language, and the silver award for the Digital Explorer product, which it developed to provide children with financial literacy skills and a culture of saving money. Architecht, a 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, was awarded the first prize with its Airplatform solution.

Account opening service via remote video call in sign language

Developed in 2013 with a team of entirely local engineers at Kuveyt Türk's R&D centers, XTM offers many financial services such as opening an account via video call, sales of banking products, individual and commercial applications. In 2018, sign language service for the hearing impaired was added to XTM, which has English and Arabic language options in addition to Turkish. XTM device, which enables hearing impaired customers to perform banking transactions by connecting to a sign language expert in the call center with a single click, and aims to create a social awareness for overcoming obstacles, returned with the first place in the IDC Türkiye Finance Technology Awards in the field of Non-Digital Channels.

Financial inclusion award to Digital Explorer

For our children, who are the future of our country, the Digital Explorer products put into service by Kuveyt Türk in 2020 consist of Digital Explorer Current Account, Digital Explorer Participation Account, Digital Explorer Card and Digital Explorer Mobile, a mobile application for children's own accounts for the first time in Türkiye. With Digital Explorer products, children can both save for their future by controlling their expenditures and increase their financial literacy levels in order to become conscious consumers. Kuveyt Türk's Digital Explorer product was awarded the second prize in the field of Financial Inclusion.

First prize for Architecht's new product Airplatform

Architecht, a 100 percent subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, offers payment and e-money institutions the end-to-end technological infrastructure they need as a customizable digital solution based on the local cloud and definition, with its newest product, Airplatform, in line with its vision of becoming a product company.
With this solution, Architecht, which is expected to provide a competitive advantage for e-money and payment institutions in the information technology sector, where competition is very intense, has been extensively tested in the field in the banking sector, where performance and security are very critical, and has passed these tests successfully; Airplatform, which includes many infrastructure modules such as workflow, business rules, accounting, reporting and workplace packages, was awarded the first prize in the Digital Channels category.

“We strive to offer the best to our customers”

Kuveyt Türk’s Vice President of Retail Banking, Mehmet Oral said, “We are moving forward on the path of digital transformation without compromising the understanding of 'our route is digital, our focus is human'. In order to provide our customers with the best experience in digital as well as in branches, we are developing our processes with increasing momentum by using the robust power of technology. The awards we received in the Digital Channels, Non-Digital Channels and Financial Inclusion categories as part of the IDC Türkiye Finance Technology Awards motivate us to always do better for our customers. We will continue to offer the best to our customers who trust us with our projects that will lead the sector in the future, as it has been from the past to the present.”