The winner of the Ideathon Idea Contest is sustainability

The second of the Ideathon Idea Competition, which was organized by Kuveyt Türk for university students last year with the theme of "banking of the future", was held this year with the theme of "sustainability".


The results of the Ideathon Idea Competition organized by Kuveyt Türk for university students, which supports innovative and original ideas, have been revealed. 340 applications were made for the competition, which was organized with the theme ‘sustainability’, while 9 ideas managed to reach the final. Ideas that contributed to a sustainable world were rewarded.

The second of the Ideathon Idea Competition, which was organized by Kuveyt Türk for university students last year with the theme of "banking of the future", was held this year with the theme of "sustainability". Kuveyt Türk’s Sustainability Committee evaluated all the ideas one by one in the competition, where 340 valuable ideas came as applications. After passing through various stages, students who had innovative ideas whose number decreased to 9 were entitled to appear before the jury in the final.

Dünya Newspaper Columnist Didem Eryar Ünlü, Turkcell Global Information Customer Experience and Quality Management Assistant General Manager Cahit Erdoğan and Digital Banking Group Manager Okan Acar from Kuveyt Türk, HR Training and Quality Group Manager Semih Sel, Strategy and Innovation Group Manager Selman Ortaköy, Corporate and Commercial Marketing Group Manager Erdal Özbilir, Administrative Services Group Manager İsmail Üner were among the jury members.

15 Thousand TL awarded to the First Place

Competitors were asked  “What can we do to improve our products and services in order to contribute to a sustainable world?”  In the competition where innovative ideas and solution proposals were evaluated, Kuveyt Türk gave "design-oriented thinking" training to young people in order to help them develop their ideas. Young people also had the opportunity to work closely throughout the competition with their mentors assigned to them and working in different departments of Kuveyt Türk. At the end of the competition, the first prize was given to the BUYD team with the project titled "Targeting digitalization by eliminating slips", and the second prize was given to Mevlüt Emre Güneş with the project content titled "Creating energy savings by providing optimization in ATMs and directing this saving to tree planting". The third prize was awarded to the BALs team with its project titled "Monitoring the carbon footprint through MCC codes to combat the climate crisis". As a result of the competition, a total of 30,000 TL cash prize was given to the first idea as 15,000 TL, to the second idea as 9,000 TL and to the third idea as 6,000 TL.

“We aimed to raise awareness”

Kuveyt Türk Strategy and Innovation Group Manager Dr. Selman Ortaköy stated "We deal with sustainability with an approach that adds value to society and turns what it earns in these lands into a benefit for these lands. We take care to listen to our young people's innovative ideas about sustainability and help them implement them. With this understanding, we organized the second Ideathon Idea Competition, the first of which was held for university students last year, with the theme of ‘sustainability’ this year. Accordingly, we have both increased our impact and aimed to raise awareness in the society by taking sides with our young people. We established a project implementation team with the participation of our friend Feyza Tartar, who won last year's Ideathon with the idea of Aktar. Mrs. Feyza started to work with us in Kuveyt Türk after graduation. We will soon complete our work to implement the idea of transfer. I hope that we will achieve good works with our young friends who graduated from Ideathon, where we organized the second one, and develop projects that add value to the financial world in the field of sustainability. "