The period of 'Money Transfer with QR Code' has started at Kuveyt Türk!

Standing out with innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk continues to implement digital solutions that facilitate its customers' financial transactions.


Kuveyt Türk, which previously offered “Withdraw Money with QR Code” and “Payment with QR Code” services on e-commerce sites, makes it easier for its customers to send and receive money digitally with its newly launched “Money Transfer with QR Code” service. In addition to individual customers, corporate customers can also perform Money Transfer transactions 24/7 with QR Code.

Türkiye's leading participation finance institution, Kuveyt Türk has implemented another innovation that facilitates the financial transactions of its customers. Kuveyt Türk, which had previously started “Withdraw Money with QR Code” from ATMs and “Payment with QR Code” services on e-commerce sites, this time offered the “Money Transfer with QR Code” application to its customers. Kuveyt Türk customers may now perform their financial transactions in a fast, easy, reliable and contactless way, also in money transfers.

With the new QR code service, customers may make money transfers free of charge at shopping sites that support QR code payment, as well as receive payments by sharing the QR code they have created via Kuveyt Türk Mobile.

“Our customers may both send and receive money with a QR code”

Kuveyt Türk’s Executive Vice President of Individual and Private Affairs, Mehmet Oral said, “In the axis of developing technology and changing customer behaviors, serious changes are taking place in banking and finance, as in almost every sector. As Kuveyt Türk, we continue to implement innovative products and services to meet the expectations of our customers. In order to meet the expectations of our customers in the best way, we previously offered the QR Code Withdrawal and QR Code Payment services on e-commerce sites to our customers. Thanks to our Money Transfer service with QR Code, which we launched, our customers may now both transfer money with QR code free of charge by Kuveyt Türk Mobile and enable them to receive money transfers with the QR code they have created. With our strong technological infrastructure, we will continue to develop new products and services to facilitate our customers' financial transactions and increase their customer experience.”

It’s very practical to transfer money with a QR code

All individual and corporate customers can easily perform Money Transfer transactions with QR Code via Kuveyt Türk Mobile. After logging into Kuveyt Türk Mobile to make the money transfer with QR code, the phone's camera opens as the Scan QR Code button is pressed from the "Make Payment/Money Transfer" tab under the "QR Code Transactions" menu. When the QR code is shown to the phone's camera, the IBAN information is filled automatically. After filling in the fields such as amount, payment type, description, customers may transfer money via QR code. In order to receive Money Transfer with QR Code, a QR code can be created by following the instructions in the "Get Money Transfer" tab under the "QR Code Transactions" menu from Kuveyt Türk Mobile and entering the necessary information. By sharing a QR code with the sender, customers can have money transferred to them. It was stated that money transfer and FAST limits will be valid for money transfer transactions to be made with QR code.