The number of entrepreneurial teams graduating from the Lonca has reached 60!

The sixth term program has been completed at the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Türk in order to support and develop new ideas and bring them to the country's economy.


The sixth term program has been completed at the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Türk, Türkiye's leading participation finance institution, in order to support and develop new ideas and bring them to the country's economy. In the sixth period, when applications were received in the "General" and "FinTech" categories, 11 entrepreneurs were provided with many opportunities, such as training and mentoring support, as well as a grant of 40 thousand TL and an extra 15 thousand TL R&D support for start-ups that develop devices.

Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Türk in 2017 with the aim of developing innovative business ideas and bringing them into the country's economy, gave its sixth term graduates. The Lonca Demoday event held at Kuveyt Türk Banking and Life Base was broadcast live on the Lonca Girişim Youtube account and attracted great interest. The 11 entrepreneurial teams who graduated from the sixth term of the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center became Car4Future, CezerUni, Clickatory, Innoflux, NudgeLab, Payeni, Sweepy, TheClico, Varsapp, Vivente, VulnHero. Halit Soysal attended the event moderated by Lonca Entrepreneurship Center Coordinator Lokman Ökten. As part of the event, in which various gifts worth 15 thousand TL were presented to the audience by drawing, saplings were also donated on behalf of each participant.

40 thousand TL grant support was given to startups

The sixth term trainings of the Lonca were held online within the scope of the coronavirus epidemic measures. Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which cares that startups focus only on their projects, provided 40 thousand TL cash grant support to each startup and an extra 15 thousand TL R&D support to start-ups that develop devices during the program. As part of of the acceleration program, in which trainings designed in the digital environment and organized in the form of camps were added, the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions, virtual server support of 5 thousand dollars, and marketing and promotion support were given to startups. In addition, entrepreneurs who graduated from the Guild will have priority in applying to the Lonca Venture Capital Investment Fund, which was established to invest in startups.

"We are among the most effective incubation centers and startup acceleration programs in our country"

Kuveyt Türk’s Strategy and Innovation Group Director and Lonca Entrepreneurship Center Management Committee Member Dr. Selman Ortaköy said, “In the last 4 years, Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which we launched in 2017 in line with the principle of continuous education and development, has managed to become one of the most effective incubation centers and startup acceleration programs of our country. We take great pleasure in helping and guiding startups to add value to our country and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the sixth period, when we received over 400 applications, it was not easy to choose 11 startups. Due to the pandemic conditions, we organized the entire education process online. We are experiencing the joy of having graduated 60 startups from the Lonca with the sixth term. We believe that centers like the Lonca are one of the most important investments in our society, entrepreneurial economy and the future, and we hope that the number of these centers will increase.”

11 startups that have completed the sixth term training of the Lonca Enterprise Center and their fields of activity:

Car4Future: It is energy sharing network software and energy transfer hardware developed with blockchain technology for electric vehicles.

CezerUni: It is a wearable medical device worn on the wrist and index finger, which analyzes vital signs such as fever, pulse and blood pressure values of patients hospitalized in hospitals or receiving home care services, by monitoring them 24 hours a day, informing healthcare personnel when necessary. With CezerUni, it is also aimed to minimize the risk of possible contamination to healthcare personnel.

Clickatory: It is a marketplace platform operating in the category of digital products. The initiative aims to bring together digital product developers and individual and corporate users on a secure and global platform, from web designs to ready-to-use software, from stock media files to design kits.

Innoflux: Flux Braille is a portable device project that enables visually impaired individuals to instantly access printed texts, take notes and share text between devices.

NudgeLab: NudgeLab, whose motto is "who knows what is observed changes", is a platform that develops smart warning and surveillance systems for loan customers.

Payeni: It is a digital wallet and corporate privilege platform that makes corporate discount agreements for companies and enables employees to access a wide privilege network.

Sweephy: It provides autonomous cleaning of company data (financial data, order data, user data, unstructured data) in different sources by adding field knowledge with NLP techniques and modeling with machine learning in line with the data content.

TheClico: It is an application that allows B2B solution-oriented companies to monitor their feedback, complaints and evaluations from hundreds of different web platforms instantly from a single point.

Varsapp: Varsapp is a platform where unused items can be rented safely.

Vivente: Ocellus, a product of Vivente, which develops artificial intelligence solutions for the early diagnosis of eye diseases caused by diabetes, consists of a camera used in retinal imaging and a disease analysis software that works integrated with this camera.

VulnHero: It is a cloud-based software service that helps organizations that manage their IT infrastructure more easily track and manage security vulnerabilities and security patches.