The countdown to the 9th period of the Lonca has begun

Applications for 9th training term of Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which supports technology-oriented and scalable business ideas, will continue until June 30, 2023.


Lonca will provide grants of up to TRY 125 thousand to young people who want to transform their dream idea into an initiative.  

Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, established in 2017 by Kuveyt Türk in order to reveal and support innovative ideas, continues to develop our country's entrepreneurial ecosystem and support entrepreneurs.   Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which has received nearly 3 thousand applications in 8 periods organized so far and has graduated 80 startups, will receive 9th term applications until June 30, 2023.

Grant support up to TRY 125 thousand, investment opportunity up to 200 thousand dollars

Lonca, which supports entrepreneurs with grants that they can use in product development processes and emergency expenses, has provided more than TRY 3 million in cash grants to startups to date. With the new term, Lonca increased its cash grant support per startup up to TRY 125 thousand, TRY 25 thousand of which is R&D. Lonca GDP under the management of KT Portfolio, where Kuveyt Türk is an investor, gives priority to entrepreneurs who have successfully graduated from Lonca to receive investments up to USD 200,000. Lonca also contributes to startups in many areas such as 6 months of training, project-based mentoring, workspace, grant support for entrepreneurs who develop devices or engage in R&D activities, especially API for FinTechs and private mentoring in this regard. Initiatives whose products are ready are also offered the opportunity to cooperate with Kuveyt Türk.

Applications continue to be received online

Entrepreneurs who manage to be among the most effective incubation centers and venture acceleration programs in Turkey in a short time  can apply to Lonca at; Each semester, hundreds of applications are made to the incubator program, the selection is made with many criteria in mind, such as the enterprise addressing a wide market size, having an income or utility model, focusing only on the enterprise.