Sustainability Report from Kuveyt Türk

Innovative participation bank in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk published its sustainability report.


Passport-like report booklet with the theme "We are opening into the world with our values" contains brief information about the projects carried out by the bank becoming one of the leading technology exporters of Türkiye, its social responsibility activities pursuant in order to protect the local and national values and its overseas operations mainly in Europe.

Kuveyt Türk, which ranks the first among the participation banks in terms of asset size, made into a report the sustainability practices it has implemented in a wide area for the continuity of its success. The report, which was prepared with the concept of “We are opening up to the world with our values” includes the pioneering activities carried out by the bank in Türkiye and abroad. Kuveyt Türk not confining itself only to domestic activities but also reaching out different geographies with all of its activities ranging from technology export to social responsibility projects, has prepared its sustainability report in passport format and demonstrated its vision in this field. While the brief information can be found on the passport pages, the full report can be accessed via the QR code on the passport or via the Kuveyt Türk website The Bank's sustainability report was prepared and approved in accordance with the G4 Core Principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

“We export software all over the world”

Underlining that the sustainability report positively affects the development, reputation and reliability of the companies, Aslan Demir, Executive Vice President in charge of HR, Strategy and Digital Transformation at Kuveyt Türk said “With our sustainability report drafted in line with concept ‘We are opening into the world with our values’ , we shared our approach, performance and activities in finance, technology, environment and social fields with our stakeholders and people”. Reminding that they are the bank which established the first R&D Center in Türkiye was quoted as saying “We, as the only bank having two R&D centers currently, continue our innovation and digital transformation efforts by placing human at the center. Architecht Technology that we established in 2015 has shortly become one of the leading technology exporters in the country. We are exporting to more than 60 banks in 20 countries the BOA Banking Platform, world's first end-to-end integrated and multi-channel participation banking package, which we have developed at our R&D centers.

“We support and grow up innovative ideas”

Stating that they attached importance also to innovative sustainability applications, Aslan Demir went on to say, “At Lonca Entrepreneurs Center established by us in 2017 in an effort to grow up, develop and evolve innovative ideas into country’s economy and sustainable development, we provide substantial support including the startups with training and project based mentoring, multi-site incubation service, the entrepreneurs developing devices with R&D support and the FinTechs with APIs and special mentoring. We provide training to around 30 projects each year at Lonca during three application periods.”

“More access to participation banking in Europe through KT Bank AG”

Stating that they have been continuing their overseas operations through Bahrain branch office and KT Bank AG, a 100 percent German subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, Vice President Aslan Demir said, “ KT Bank AG starting its services in 2015 as the first Islamic bank in Europe has branch offices in Frankfurt, Berlin and Mannheim. The fifth one will be opened in Munich soon. Our goal is make it easy and sustainable to get access to interest-free financial system and participation banking model in European countries.”

CSR activities expand from Türkiye to the world

Considering as a duty to share its earnings with the community, the bank also includes its corporate social responsibility projects in the sustainability report. Kuveyt Türk supports social responsibility projects in an effort for the preservation, development and survival of all national and local values of Türkiye with the motto ‘we grow with our values’. The restoration of Ortakoy Grand Mecidiye Mosque, that stands out among the historical landmarks completing the unprecedented silhouette of Istanbul,  supports to Turkish Crescent, TAF Mehmetçik Foundation, Religious Affairs Foundation and Foundation for Hope for Children with Cancer, donation campaign for those victims forced to immigrate from Raknine, 1010 Discoverer Project launched in order to bring the next generations with robotics and coding training, the keystone of the technology, contributions to national awareness camps organized by Turkish Scouts Federation in Canakkale and Sarikamiş are among the social responsibility activities included in the sustainability report.